Sunday, 11 February 2018

Upcoming Events with Mary from Angels' Love and Light

As you know I am Angels' Love and Light on Facebook and have been since 2010.  I changed my channel name on YouTube to Mary from Ireland and I also have a Facebook page of the same name.  The Facebook page is mostly about my trips around Ireland and everything else Ireland related.  It is a fun page.

So the upcoming events with me are as follows -

April 19th and 21st in Edinburgh to meet for coffee!! I may have a deck or two of cards with me but won't officially be offering readings!  I am meeting my friend Marianne from Wizdom's Footprints and Paintings by M -Marianne Tow Art on Facebook.

May 19th and 20th - My own workshop for Twin Flames, Soulmates, Divine Partners and Friends in Enniscrone, Co Sligo, Ireland.  The 19th is a day of meditation, adding to our gifts, angel cards, getting to know other like-minded souls and some fun too.  It will be held in the Diamond Coast Hotel and is just €50 for the day.  The following day is a rest, chill, eat, drink, chat, pull cards, music, walk on the beach, seaweed baths, whatever takes your fancy.  I will be there enjoying this little village, its energy and the energy of that fabulous beach!! There is at least one soul sister travelling from the USA for this and her first trip around Ireland too.  That will be so exciting for her and us to meet up too!  The world has become a small place, it is now easy to meet soul sisters and brothers on the internet and link up with them in person too! Miracles!!

June - I hope to organise a day of angel readings in or near Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland.  Courtown is the seaside village near there.  No dates or premises sorted yet.  At the moment it is only a seed.  If you know of anyone who would be interested let them know please and they might contact me to notify me.  Thank you.  I would also like to re-visit Raphael's Garden in Oylegate, Co Wexford too on this trip.  See separate page with photos and writings about my first visit there.

Summer 2018 - During the summer there are festivals and craft fairs held around Ireland.  I may attend some of them.  Again if you are interested in having me at any of them, let me know about them.  Thank you. I intend to visit a friend in DUBLIN too and can arrange an event around that if the interest is there!   It will depend on what unfolds between this and then as to whether I will be able to take up on certain dates.  I am also available to being alerted to events in the UK.

Thanking you all very much.  Looking forward to seeing some of you on my travels, or on yours!! Love, Light and Blessings xxx Mary

New Links on my Website

I am so proud of myself for being able to add these links to my website!!

Check them out on

There is a link to my new YouTube channel - Twinflame Ireland and UK and a link to my Patreon page where I post my YouTube videos plus some extra videos and MP3's for Patrons only.  Thank you so much to my present patrons. 

I have only started my new YouTube channel and I hope to post some past learning of my own on this Twin Flame path for those who are drawn to it. 

I have also changed the video that plays on my website.  I updated it to a 2018 video!!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Twin Flame, Divine Partnership, Soulmate and Friends Gathering in Ireland

2018 TWIN FLAME AND FRIENDS gathering in IRELAND on 19th and 20th May. I'm thinking of a location by the sea on the west coast - a little village called Enniscrone, with a 5 km sandy walkable beach! Everyone welcome of course. Keeping it very simple. A day of meditation, cards, receiving messages and practicing gifts on 19th. Early morning and evening walks on beach same day and following day are optional. The 20th if you choose to stay will be a casual day, chatting, walking, eating, seaweed baths, swimming, chilling, just being together. Pm me if I've sown a seed within you!!  The charge for the workshop on Saturday is €50 and will include a tea/coffee/biscuits break.  You are free to choose your own accommodation and restaurants/cafes for meals over the weekend.  

Deposit not necessary but if you would like to pay full amount or some of it you may use this link.  The event on Saturday will take place in the Diamond Coast Hotel.

Thanking you in advance.  Mary.  

Friday, 6 October 2017

Full Moon October 5th 2017

This full moon for me was about "what are you passionate about? What do you believe in? What do you want in your life?  What don't you want in your life? Are you prepared to get up over and over again, to give it another go? Are you happy where you are at the moment? If not, are you prepared to take the next step, even if it isn;t the one which will bring you to what you think is your final destination?"  

Boy what a two days of processing, thinking, feeling, coming to conclusions and making decisions!  Phew.  Thank God that is over for now!! Decisions made.  Universe brought me my next step today!! Woo hoo!! 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The week before the solar eclipse August 2017

I have had a tiring but amazing week.  A trigger, a new awakening, putting my new learning into practice, realisations, more honesty and vulnerability and a new awe of the reasons why we are all here!! Here are three videos that I made during this week as things unfolded and realisations hit me!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Update online, Skype, phone and in person services from Angels' Love and Light

Hi everyone,

This is just an update on where I am at on social media and in person. 

On YouTube I offer my free readings.  I have two channels Mary from Ireland and Twinflame Ireland and UK.  I alternate between channels with my readings.  I  never know which one I will be guided to post on.  For a particularly important reading I post on both.  

I will continue these readings for the foreseeable future and am grateful for any donations towards my work in whatever way you are guided. 

On facebook I post free cards, free choice readings where you choose a number, word, place or something else that I give you a choice about and then receive the message for that choice.  Sometimes I offer the first 10 people a personal card chosen for them but I don’t do that often.  I also post special offers there. 

I have an instagram page – Angels Love and Light where I post cards most days with their messages and some photos of places that I end up in on my travels and anything else of interest that I may come across. 

Online I offer a workshop on Learning to use Fairy cards which can be accessed through my website  In person workshops take place in Mountbellew Co Galway but I am open to travelling to you, for a group of 6 to 8.  

I offer a mentorship course which is a month of working with me through whatever arises for you, breaking through your repeating patterns and learning new ways of coping and being.  I am in contact with you every single day for the whole month so you have support and back up all of the time.  
We can of course shorten or extend the length too if that is what you feel you need. 

My books of course are available through my website and also on amazon, book depository, and others.  The more I walk my path the more I see that there are no coincidences.  Everyone is where they are meant to be at any given time to connect with those whom they meet at that point.  All is Divinely orchestrated. 

I update my blog every now and again and that is the home page of my website.    

As always I am available for in person and online readings as people feel drawn.  I can tailor your readings to whatever you feel you need to focus on, so don’t be shy.  Just make contact and let me know what you feel you need or ask my advice on it. I do offer one to one chats, focusing on just chatting and letting off steam and feelings and maybe choose a card or two at the end too, if that is needed.  Sometimes people just feel better after getting it all off their chest to someone who won’t judge or criticise. 

I will also be able to do phone readings, which will have to be paid for in advance.  I have free calls to Ireland so can ring you.  I will be able to do one international call per month; otherwise international callers will have to call me!!  I will also offer skype readings on a two or three per month basis if my internet is working well.  Sometimes it isn't the best!!

I run local guided meditation groups in Mountbellew too at just €8 per person.  0877713956 is my number for details and nights/mornings.  They change on and off!  

I mostly take payment through PayPal but I can also send you an invoice which you can pay with your credit/debit card.  I can also take cheques through the post which will have to clear first before reading is sent. 

Thank you for reading this post.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from connecting with me on any of my social media pages or otherwise, please pass this on to them.  The wider we can expand the good feelings and love, the better. 

Links to all of my social media pages can be found on

And my testimonials page to read others feedback or leave some of your own is  and a quick PayPal link to send donations or payments is

Thank you so much.  Have a great, great 2017.  Love and Light

Xx Mary 

Saturday, 13 May 2017


I love myself, I love my life, I love my path, I love not knowing, I love the excitement of what can happen, what could happen next, how it will unfold and where it will bring me!!

I love me.  Me and Me have a great time together.  We are free, we go where we please, do what we want, and enjoy it all!  

Who ever thought that letting go of so much could bring all of this.  

Amazing journey.  I wonder what is next!!!

This is my energy update recorded on May 12th.