Sunday, 28 May 2017

Update online, Skype, phone and in person services from Angels' Love and Light

Hi everyone,

This is just an update on where I am at on social media and in person. 

On YouTube I offer my free readings twice a week.  For the upcoming week a general reading called Your Journey Back to Love and mid-week is my relationship reading called YOU as a twin flame divine romantic partner. 

As the relationship reading suggests, this journey is all about you.  You are the creator of your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, your reactions are all your own responsibility.  So this reading zones in on what our guides and angels want us to focus on or learn. 

The weekly general reading gives the energies of the week to come, plus guidance on what we need to focus on or a new perspective or learning on life. 

I will continue these readings for the foreseeable future and am grateful for any donations towards my work in whatever way you are guided. 

On facebook I post free cards, free choice readings where you choose a number, word, place or something else that I give you a choice about and then receive the message for that choice.  Sometimes I offer the first 10 people a personal card chosen for them but I don’t do that often.  I also post special offers there. 

I have an instagram page – Angels Love and Light where I post cards most days with their messages and some photos of places that I end up in on my travels and anything else of interest that I may come across. 

Online I offer a workshop on Learning to use Fairy cards which can be accessed through my website  In person workshops are on hold at the moment, due to premises changes.  

I offer a mentorship course which is a month of working with me through whatever arises for you, breaking through your repeating patterns and learning new ways of coping and being.  I am in contact with you every single day for the whole month so you have support and back up all of the time.  
We can of course shorten or extend the length too if that is what you feel you need. 

My books of course are available through my website and also on amazon, book depository, and others.  The more I walk my path the more I see that there are no coincidences.  Everyone is where they are meant to be at any given time to connect with those whom they meet at that point.  All is Divinely orchestrated. 

I update my blog every now and again and that is the home page of my website.    The last blog is a lovely one, all about love and the way I was feeling on that day. 

As always I am available for in person and online readings as people feel drawn.  I can tailor your readings to whatever you feel you need to focus on, so don’t be shy.  Just make contact and let me know what you feel you need or ask my advice on it. I do offer one to one chats, focusing on just chatting and letting off steam and feelings and maybe choose a card or two at the end too, if that is needed.  Sometimes people just feel better after getting it all off their chest to someone who won’t judge or criticise. Premises for in person chats is on hold at the moment though! 

I will also be able to do phone readings, which will have to be paid for first.  I have free calls to Ireland so can ring you.  I will be able to do one international call per month; otherwise international callers will have to call me!!  I will also offer skype readings on a two or three per month basis. 

I run local guided meditation groups in Mountbellew too at just €5 per person.  0877713956 is my number for details and nights/mornings.  They change on and off!  Premises change in the offing now too.  Will keep you posted. 

I also offer a “check-in” reading for €15 or $15 which is a five card spread to have a look at where you are at/what your angels would like to pass onto you. 

I mostly take payment through PayPal but I can also send you an invoice which you can pay with your credit/debit card.  I can also take cheques through the post which will have to clear first before reading is sent. 

Thank you for reading this post.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from connecting with me on any of my social media pages or otherwise, please pass this on to them.  The wider we can expand the good feelings and love, the better. 

Links to all of my social media pages can be found on

And my testimonials page to read others feedback or leave some of your own is  and a quick PayPal link to send donations or payments is

Thank you so much.  Have a great, great 2017.  Love and Light

Xx Mary 

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