Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Updates at Angeliclifeguidance!!

I have closed my Twitter, LinkedIn and Gumroad accounts.  I will be transferring all Gumroad ancestral teachings, lucky dip readings, meditations and audio of my Coincidences book over onto Patreon.  They will be made available to those who have signed up over there.  Patreon is great value, for any amount from $1 upwards per month, you can avail of all that I offer over there.  I do not differentiate between the amounts of the offerings.  Every teaching and sharing is available to all Patrons. I am grateful for every little that I receive.  It helps me greatly.  Thank you.  Patreon link/button is to the right of this website.  If you would like to pop your email address in the space provided to the right, so that you receive updates of when I post here, google will automatically send you notifications of my posts. 

That will be my main platform from now on.  YouTube will be my second one and Facebook (Angels' Love and Light) my third one.  The next most important one will be my Mary from Ireland Products and Services page and my Readers of Books page on Facebook. 

I have a special offer on email readings up to the end of September.  €40 which will consist of 3 to 4 pages of guidance, cards, intuitive messages, recommendations of tools, books, other teachers,  and practical help on how to move forward from where you are now, into a new, better, more peaceful and happy life. 

I think that is it for now.  I may be starting a meditation class, weekly in Enniscrone in late September.  My accommodation up there isn't available now until September 15th so everything is pushed back a bit.  The universe knows best!! Love to you all.  Thank you for being here.  Love and Light xx Mary

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Relaxation and Guided Meditation Classes

I am considering starting Relaxation and Guided Meditation classes in Enniscrone mid-Sept if anyone is interested.  If there is an interest, please let me know.  Also, if morning or evening would suit you better. 

The charge will be €10 per session or payment in advance of €50 for 6 sessions.  Contact me on and please enter Meditation in the subject line.  Thank you. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


SPECIAL OFFER from now August 15th until September 30th on email readings - general or focus just €40.  Payment link is

Thank you.  My email address is if you have any questions or requirements.  I will consider other forms of payments too. 

All the best,
Love and Light

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

today's update. 6th Aug

 The universe works in strange ways and I am totally fine with the flow and what occurs. I don't have a phone for now. It has been blinking for a few months really but this morning the bottom half went totally black so I couldn't see to enter my pin. It is in for repair for between 5 to 10 days so I am not sure about videos being made, I will see what I can learn about my laptop. I am also doing a juice cleanse on Thurs, Fri and Sat so being offline may be part of the cleansing too  I am looking after a cat too and that is going fine. I was a bit anxious yesterday but we are friends now and she trusts me so we are ok!! Anyway I love the unexpected and I feel this is bigger than a body cleanse which I love, love, love!! I am available for email readings for the moment. I better not say that I am available for Skype or phone readings. Who knows what state I will be in?  Anyway you know where to find me, I will be online on my laptop xxxx

Today is my maternal grandmother's anniversary too.  That was the first biggest upheavel in my life.  I remember lying on her bed crying and banging my fist.  It was so painful.  She and I were so close.  I was only 9.  1968.  Anyway I know she is around me, but I do know that she isn't my biggest helper.  My father's father has been my strongest guide and although I have never met him, I love and respect him so much.  Life is amazing really.  There is so much more than we could possibly see or comprehend, happening and many bigger reasons why we are here.  

Love and light to you all
xx Mary

Friday, 28 June 2019


Update - I am not available for one to one readings until further notice. The only in-person readings I am offering at the moment are at events or angel parties in your house or premises. I can, of course, offer readings on the phone, Skype (or other video call links), by email or by video (like YouTube videos). Thank you for being here.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Messages for when you see them!

I am guided today to bring forth some messages in a typed reading!!  Whenever you read this post is the right time for you to receive this message.  It may resonate for you on some level or it may show you why situations are as they are at the moment. 

First of all, if you have a question I am going to choose a card from the Angel Answers deck.  There are two Yes cards and two No cards in the deck so there isn't a high chance of receiving a straight, in your face answer (says she, before choosing the cards!!).  I like to type as I would if I were giving a one to one, in person reading.  So here goes, what is your question?  Now I will choose one card to answer it and following on from that I will choose crystal cards which may add to your information.  Enjoy!! Take what resonates and file the rest away.  You will be reminded of it if and when you need it, in the future! 

The answer to your question is....................................

This flew out of the deck as I was shuffling.  IN THE NEAR FUTURE. 

Wonderful.  Good answer I feel for most of us!!


Their combined messages are saying that it is time to be honest with yourself.  What is your role in the situation that is going on around you at this time?  Is it your business or do you need to let others walk their own path in their own way?  Do you need to offer help to someone else? They may or may not be ready to receive help.  Remember one of the Four Agreements in the book of that name, is Don't take things Personally!!  Everyone is where they are meant to be at any given time, experiencing what they need to experience.  Of course, if the situation is extreme and abusive, there may be a need for professional help and guidance 

Is it time to ask for help for yourself?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Too much happening around you?  What are the most important jobs to be done in each day?  Do what you can when you feel able and leave the rest.  The world won't end if the "to do" list isn't completed every day.  Let your body tell you what it needs.  The energies affect all of us in different ways and you may have to rest more, drink more water, eat different foods, go outside, take a day off work, move your body more, dance, sing, watch a comedy or a tear-jerker movie - and that is alright.  Trust what your body is telling you and go with it for the time being anyway.  It may also be a time to express your needs to others or communicate something that you have been holding within for a while.  The energies at the moment and into the future are supporting truth, honesty, authenticity and communication - delivered of course with tact, compassion, assertiveness and respect for all parties. 

The crystals are saying that there is clarity coming soon, more light is thrown on the path forward and relationships with others are becoming lighter too.  There is less healing of dense energies and more fun, lightness, sunshine, new people, new experiences with a newer feel to them coming your way.  Are you ready for change?  Be aware of your thoughts and your perspective.  Remember the old beliefs, lower thoughts of how the past played out, are all being left behind, so expect the light, clarity, inspiration and new perspectives to arrive.  If something is happening over and over, check back on your life, your childhood, your relationships.  Just being aware of a repeating pattern is all that is needed sometimes for you to bring it to light and change it!! 

They also ask you to create, use your talents, bring forth more of you into the world, in whatever way you feel you would enjoy.  It is not to be hard work, it is to be enjoyable, finding your way step by step, letting your curiosity lead you to the activities, places, and experiences that you enjoy!!

You are supported, guided and loved and there is no need for worry, guilt, regret, sorrow or fear.  You are not alone on any level. 

Love and Light to you all,
I enjoyed bringing these messages forward. 
I will be back again soon.
:)  In the near Future   :)

Mary xxx

Please feel free to comment below, there is an area open for comments.  Thank you so much for your support. 

My website is where you will see my services, social media links, donations link, my books, Irish photos taken by me transferred onto tote bags, clocks, clothes, phone and laptop covers, greeting and postcards, cushion covers and framed photos. Some teaching audios and videos there too through Gumroad and Patreon.  Lots to learn, see and browse.  Thank you for being here <3

Thursday, 24 January 2019

My photographs on products

This is a page where I uploaded some of my photographs of the beautiful scenery in Ireland and UK plus some flowers, trees and other knick knacks. 

Available are bags, laptop bags, phone covers, cushions, clocks, tee shirts, greeting cards, notebooks, mugs, travel cups, mini skirts (which I think are very cute, if you are into them!!).

Here are some specific pages for you to browse. 

Scenery photos first  This is a photo I took in Roundstone, Connemara, Co Galway in June 2011, on a bag.  All of the photos look really well on the bags, in my opinion.  There is a choice of three sizes. 

This is Roundstone in October 2018 on a little purse.pouch.  There are three sizes of this too.  Details are on the page, sizes and what would fit in each one!!

This is the view from the house I stayed in October 2018 in Enniscrone, Co Sligo.  Fabulous beach in the distance, my most favourite place on earth!!  This is on a cushion cover, available in three sizes as a cover or cushion and cover.  All photos are available on all products.  So scroll down the Redbubble pages, at the end you are shown more photos to choose from and click to choose products. 

I will post one last scenery photo from Connemara, rugged area.  Most beautiful.  On a canvas print and there are four sizes.

One beautiful flower photo now and there are a few.  Looks good on the mini skirt!!

A simple leaf on the ground looks great on a mug.

And finally a vibrant yellow flower on a ladies top.

There are lots more products and lots more photos to have on them!  Happy browsing!