Sunday, 3 June 2018

New Event - Angel Readings

On Thursday June 7th from 10 am onwards.  

One to one angel readings with Mary from Angels' Love and Light on Facebook. Mary has two YouTube channels also - Mary from Ireland and Twinflame Ireland and UK. She's available in Enniscrone for 30 and 60 minute readings @ €25 and €50 each. Angel readings bring forth guidance, teaching and information about your life's journey. Mary believes that you are a co-creator with your higher self of your future so she will not be making future predictions. Sometimes a little glimpse of possible future scenarios does shine through but not in every reading. These one to one readings also give the person having the reading a chance to speak about life and situations that they don't usually speak about to others. All conversations and readings are totally confidential. Book by messaging or phoning Mary on 0877713956. Thank you ❤ Website is

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Twin Flames

I am a twin flame. 

As I have walked this path, I have questioned this label.  I told myself that the  label didn't matter.  Everyone feels pain on their life's journey, whether it is because of losing someone to cancer, losing a child, facing illness or many other painful paths.  That is true to some extent. 

Walking the twin flame path consciously is a whole different ball game.  Twin flames dig deep into their emotions, their past, their ancestral patterns, the collective energies and are challenged to the core of their beings, to grow, evolve, release fear, learn to trust in their higher selves, a higher power, the divine and their divine partner; their twin flame.  For the most part the journey is about "being your own twin flame" and many teachers tell us that it is not about coming together in a romantic relationship.  Something to know and remember too is that we all have masculine and feminine energies within us and part of the path is learning to balance both energies.  Both partners are learning this in their own way. 

As we move forward on this path, it becomes clear to each individual twin flame whether this romantic partnership is to unfold or not.  In my opinion of course, many of them will be romantic unions - but they most definitely will not be the relationships "of old."  These twins are on earth to set the new template for relationships, romantic or otherwise.  They are here to teach honesty, openness, love, trust and compassion while being totally free to be who they are here to be, with no judgement or criticism from their partner.  What a lovely scenario!!  Believing that this will come to pass, brings a smile and much love to whoever has this deep trust!!

These relationships are not guaranteed to last "until death do us part" either.  It will depend on the growth and evolution of both partners.  Each partner will be challenged to grow and evolve and put all they have learned into practice and to learn even more. 

Most of my clients are twin flames "in separation" but I do have some who are in energetic relationships or actually living with a partner with this strong energy between them.  Each of them are being challenged, asking themselves questions that aren't easy to answer, making new decisions each time they come to a fork in the road, letting their heart and soul lead and learning to know when ego is useful and when it isn't!!

I do believe that there were forerunners who forged the way and as they cleared the path, the twin flame template became available to everyone.  It has been set in place as the template for all future relationships.  This is the new way, bringing more love into everyone's lives and also releasing the old way, where in the past, the male energy was the more powerful and in control in relationships.  These new partnerships are about equality, freedom and a deeper love.  Personally I have learned to stop hiding, to trust myself more, to become stronger in my inner knowing and not to second guess myself and my decisions.  I have learned to trust in the universe, my higher self, a higher power, whatever name you want to put on it.  I am safe and protected but I won't be rescued, I will be challenged to walk my path with courage and strength with the help of anyone I call on, in Spirit or on earth, for help.  It is not an easy path, but it is a very fulfilling path!!

They are my thoughts as written a few weeks ago, back at the beginning of May 2018.  I will keep you posted on any new thoughts and experiences that I may have on my own twin flame path. 

Love and Light xxx Mary

Monday, 28 May 2018


Just to give you information in line with the new GDPR regulations. I do not and will not, in the future, share your email addresses or readings with third parties. I will keep your reading and email address for two weeks after sending to you, just in case you delete or lose your copy. I will not be sending newsletters (as intended at some stage!) so any updates will be here on facebook or on my website. To keep up with events and news add your email address in the space for "follow by email" on my website. Google will send notifications automatically. Thanking you

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Upcoming Events with Mary from Angels' Love and Light

As you know I am Angels' Love and Light on Facebook and have been since 2010.  I changed my channel name on YouTube to Mary from Ireland and I also have a Facebook page of the same name.  The Facebook page is mostly about my trips around Ireland and everything else Ireland related.  It is a fun page.

So the upcoming events with me are as follows -

April 19th and 21st in Edinburgh to meet for coffee!! I may have a deck or two of cards with me but won't officially be offering readings!  I am meeting my friend Marianne from Wizdom's Footprints and Paintings by M -Marianne Tow Art on Facebook.

May 19th and 20th - My own workshop for Twin Flames, Soulmates, Divine Partners and Friends in Enniscrone, Co Sligo, Ireland.  The 19th is a day of meditation, adding to our gifts, angel cards, getting to know other like-minded souls and some fun too.  It will be held in the Diamond Coast Hotel and is just €50 for the day.  The following day is a rest, chill, eat, drink, chat, pull cards, music, walk on the beach, seaweed baths, whatever takes your fancy.  I will be there enjoying this little village, its energy and the energy of that fabulous beach!! There is at least one soul sister travelling from the USA for this and her first trip around Ireland too.  That will be so exciting for her and us to meet up too!  The world has become a small place, it is now easy to meet soul sisters and brothers on the internet and link up with them in person too! Miracles!!

June - One to one angel readings in Enniscrone, Co Sligo on Thursday June 7th from 10 am onwards.  Just phone or text Mary on 0877713956 for bookings.  30 and 60 minute readings @ €25 and €50.  This event has a separate post on my website entitled New Event - Angel Readings.

I hope to organise a day of angel readings in or near Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland.  Courtown is the seaside village near there.  No dates or premises sorted yet.  At the moment it is only a seed.  If you know of anyone who would be interested let them know please and they might contact me to notify me.  Thank you.  I would also like to re-visit Raphael's Garden in Oylegate, Co Wexford too on this trip.  See separate page with photos and writings about my first visit there.

Summer 2018 - During the summer there are festivals and craft fairs held around Ireland.  I may attend some of them.  Again if you are interested in having me at any of them, let me know about them.  Thank you. I intend to visit a friend in DUBLIN too and can arrange an event around that if the interest is there!   It will depend on what unfolds between this and then as to whether I will be able to take up on certain dates.  I am also available to being alerted to events in the UK.

September - Back to Guildford, UK on September 22nd for another Wellness Day at the G Live Centre.  Very much looking forward to this.  I will be offering 30 minute readings in person there for just £25.  No booking required. 

Thanking you all very much.  Looking forward to seeing some of you on my travels, or on yours!! Love, Light and Blessings xxx Mary

New Links on my Website

I am so proud of myself for being able to add these links to my website!!

Check them out on

There is a link to my new YouTube channel - Twinflame Ireland and UK and a link to my Patreon page where I post my YouTube videos plus some extra videos and MP3's for Patrons only.  Thank you so much to my present patrons. 

I have only started my new YouTube channel and I hope to post some past learning of my own on this Twin Flame path for those who are drawn to it. 

I have also changed the video that plays on my website.  I updated it to a 2018 video!!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Twin Flame, Divine Partnership, Soulmate and Friends Gathering in Ireland

2018 TWIN FLAME AND FRIENDS gathering in IRELAND on 19th and 20th May. I'm thinking of a location by the sea on the west coast - a little village called Enniscrone, with a 5 km sandy walkable beach! Everyone welcome of course. Keeping it very simple. A day of meditation, cards, receiving messages and practicing gifts on 19th. Early morning and evening walks on beach same day and following day are optional. The 20th if you choose to stay will be a casual day, chatting, walking, eating, seaweed baths, swimming, chilling, just being together. Pm me if I've sown a seed within you!!  The charge for the workshop on Saturday is €50 and will include a tea/coffee/biscuits break.  You are free to choose your own accommodation and restaurants/cafes for meals over the weekend.  

Deposit not necessary but if you would like to pay full amount or some of it you may use this link.  The event on Saturday will take place in the Diamond Coast Hotel.

Thanking you in advance.  Mary.  

Friday, 6 October 2017

Full Moon October 5th 2017

This full moon for me was about "what are you passionate about? What do you believe in? What do you want in your life?  What don't you want in your life? Are you prepared to get up over and over again, to give it another go? Are you happy where you are at the moment? If not, are you prepared to take the next step, even if it isn;t the one which will bring you to what you think is your final destination?"  

Boy what a two days of processing, thinking, feeling, coming to conclusions and making decisions!  Phew.  Thank God that is over for now!! Decisions made.  Universe brought me my next step today!! Woo hoo!!