Sunday, 2 October 2011


We have all been taught about our Guardian Angel in our childhood, but a lot of us, including myself, have forgotten that we have one. In 2007 an advert in the local newspaper "jumped up at me", it was advertising A Day with our Angels and telling us that we could get to know our angels and work with them. So I went along. The lady asked us who we thought our angels were and to me one of them would be my grandmother who had died when I was 9 years old. The lady said that yes, our loved ones in Spirit work with us, but there are also many, many Angels there to help us too.

During that day we did some guided visual meditation, although I didn't know what we were doing at the time. I was surprised to be able to "see" in my mind's eye, where we were going and the lovely horse that was bringing us!!!! We also were guided to try to find our angel's name. The only name that came to me on that day was Patrick. I couldn't imagine an angel with an Irish name like that. It was also my husband's name, so I thought that I was making things up in my mind.

Also the lady had arranged some Angel card decks around the beautifully ornate area in the centre of the room. I fell in love with these cards. I remember one that I picked for myself on that day - it was STUDY and I was indeed doing a computer course and loving it at the time.

There were other angel days arranged but I didn't attend. I bought my first deck of cards and worked with them every day and was guided by them. They were Doreen Virtue's Daily Guidance from your Angels deck which I used to call "my purple deck" as the box is purple.

I also heard some other angels' names on the day but the only one I remember was Gabriel as someone got that name as their own angel. The lady was speaking about 2012 and some angel that she is going to be working with and quite honestly, I thought she was a bit off her rocker!!! So I worked away on my own with my angel cards and went where I was led.

That is the beginning of my story. I hope to post some information about each of the Archangels later in this blog. If there is any other information or questions that you want to ask, don't hesitate. My facebook page has the same name as this blog so I will easily be found. Love and Light for now. xx

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