Saturday, 14 January 2012

4 card reading for January 2012

I have pulled 4 cards for the month of January, seeing that everyone is looking forward, I decided to do the same. For the first week of January which we have just started I received WHITE TARA letting us know that we are becoming increasingly sensitive and asking us to avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations and chemicals. This ties in with Doreen Virtue's AA Michael reading in which he reminds us that we have to be extra vigilant with our clearing of and protection against negative energy, it is very important every day for us all. For the second week of January which will be 8th to 14th I received VEGETARIAN/VEGAN of course reminding us to look after our physical bodies and eat a healthy diet. We are being told that fresh organic fruits and vegetables give us a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates our spiritual frequency. For the third week 15th to 21st I received St Francis of Assisi and ANIMALS. This is mainly I feel connecting with our animal spirits who are there, aswell as our angels, to help us. Watch out for sightings of the same animal over and over, which will give you the heads up on which animal is guiding you in this particular week. It of course means too that your animal pets in spirit are helping you and if you are thinking of working with animals, this may be a good week to go with that idea. For the 4th and final week of January 23rd to 29th I received DAYDREAM - They are asking us to relax and let our mind open so that we can receive our messages more clearly. Notice any feelings, visions or ideas as if we are watching a movie. And of course, this is also a reminder to take notice of our night time dreams, there are lots of messages being given to us as we sleep.

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