Sunday, 1 January 2012

December newsletter

Hi everyone,

This month the focus is on our dreams. I cannot stress strongly enough
the importance of writing down our dreams. They are messages, they are
really like asking someone for a reading, getting it and making it our
own - applying it to our own issues and situations.

I am now part of a dream group and am only learning. Each person in
the group looks at symbols and themes of dreams in a different way, so
we get lots of insight into our dreams.

One member links different symbols to different parts of the female
menstrual cycle. Another lady knows a lot about Goddesses and ancient
meanings of symbols and meanings of the peoples' names in our dreams.
One girl last month had a prophetic dream. Another lady links the
names in her dreams to loved ones who have passed. There are so many
different ways of interpreting our dreams and as with everything else,
there is no "right" way - it is whatever is right for each of us.

"I am everyone in my dream" is the first way that I learned to make
any sense of my dreams. Which really means, that everyone in the dream
is an aspect of my self/life. For instance, if your friend Margaret is
in your dream, you put yourself in her shoes in the dream. How is she
feeling? How does she look? What does she see? You could get something
like "I am Margaret. I am calm, cool and at ease. I do not like
walking in this town late at night, but I feel safe". So of course
that could mean that you are on a path that you don't much like in
your life, but you feel protected, safe and able for the journey.

On there are lots of symbols that we see in our dreams
and the interpretation for each. Sometimes looking up the ancient
meaning of the names of the people in your dreams, gives you a message

Before going to bed we can ask our dream angel/spirit to give us
clarification on an issue or ask to dream about/ meet with, someone
that we need to speak to, but physically it isnt possible, because of
death or non physical contact. I tried this one night and it was an
amazing experience. We got so much discussed and talked about, to me,
on a soul level.

So write down your dreams, if you wake up in the middle of the night,
have your pen and paper there!!! If you forget what your dream was
when you wake up, you can always ask your angels to help you remember,
if you need the message contained in it. If not, it is stored in your
subconscious anyway, nothing is ever lost.

So happy dreaming and Happy Christmas. I was at my daughter's school's
Christmas concert yesterday. A lovely experience. I was able to see
her working in her role as teacher to 4th/5th and 6th class in primary
school here (10-12 year olds). I was, indeed, a proud mother!!!

Now I will pull a card for December, asking our angels what they would
like us to know or work on in this Christmas month. What is coming to
me before I take a card is, that we have all worked so hard this year
and had our ups and downs but have learned and taught so much from/to
each other that it is time to take time out in the holidays for
ourselves. Do what we like to do, when the Christmas cooking and
shopping is all done.

HEART CHAKRA The overall message in this card is that your heart knows
best. You are the only person who knows how you really feel about your
life and situations in your life. Trust your heart and intuition. The
main thing when we are clear about what our heart needs is that we go
about changing things if we need to, but in a loving, calm way. If we
have truth to speak, we need to speak it without aggression or anger.
We need to be calm, we also need to be able to listen to others. Our
angels ask us to be open to giving and receiving love aswell. Maybe we
don't feel safe loving after a heart break before. In this card they
tell us that they are protecting us and helping us with our heart
issues and that rose quartz crystal and wearing pink or bringing pink
into our lives, like pink roses or rose essential oils, all help us.

Love and peace  xx

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