Hi everyone,

Today I was at a full day meeting of my paid work and came home from it a bit anxious and fearful. Like most other jobs, the rules and regulations and the tightening up of checks on us from all sides, just worried me a little bit aswell as the fact that I was hoping to get more work, but there isnt any - but of course that can be a good thing too. Anyway, when I came home, I decided to pull two cards from theAngel Therapy deck and two from Healing with your Angels deck and as an after thought, one from my new Life Purpose deck. Before pulling the cards I said to my angels, out loud, "I am a bit anxious and afraid, if you could give me a bit of help, it would be great. Thank you." So now I will tell you what cards I got.

AA Michael - well I should have known. The old reliable, he arrives when we get afraid. All I could do was smile and I then took a deep breath and asked him to clear any negativity and fear and thanked him.

The second card was Vacuum Away Fear, - How on the mark could theyget??? Even I do be amazed at times. They tell me to call upon AAMichael and AA Raphael to lift fear-based energy from me, mysurroundings, this situation and everyone involved.

Third card - Guardian Angel. My goodness, I am so well looked after,why would I get anyway fearful at all. This card is asking me to trustin my guardian angel.

The fourth card was Study - I had been thinking of getting some kind of paperwork or qualification in teaching something or other orsomething angelic - it will come to me when the time is right. I haveattended many workshops, for which I have paperwork, so all these powerful Angels who have let me know that they are with me today, willlead me to my next step.

The life purpose card that I pulled is Support - Your life purposefully supports you.

how great a reading was that? From readings that I have done in thepast, I do know that they just send the cards and messages that weneed at this moment to help us.

Full moon tonight of course. Another chance for us to release and letgo of anything or anyone that isnt in our lives for our highest good.How does this person or situation make me feel? Am I calm and peacefuland full of love? Am I anxious, angry, controlling and resentful? Ourangels want us to be happy and at peace and if we aren't feeling that way, we have got to be aware of why or what is bringing us down. Asyou know and have seen by my cards, our angels are always with us, no matter what, even if we think or feel that we are alone. We can writedown what we want to let go of or our petitions and bury them in theground tonight, under the light of the full moon.

Also some of you may remember the God Box. This is a special box thatyou can have to put your petitions into and leave them there for yourangels to work on with you. You can decorate it colourfully to make iteven more special. Also the vision board or vision copy/notebook inwhich you write down and paste photos of what you want to manifest inyour future or in this New year of 2012. The sky is the limit. Nothing is too great or magnificent or ridiculous to put into your vision book. Reach for the stars as I tell people.

I remember in our group meditation one night, we were asked to be outside looking up at the magnificance of the stars. I decided in my meditation that just sitting on the ground (outside The Little House on the Prairie!!! - that is, I think, a past life of mine) wasn't good enough for me. I popped up to the stars and when I got there I was a fairy and I sat on the half moon (like my profile picture) and then ran along a big necklace of stars. It was so wonderful that I didn'twant to come back down to the ground, and I certainly didn't want to"bring my presence back into the room and open my eyes" !!! Meditation is so lovely, we can go anywhere we want with it!!

On a really positive note, Doreen Virtue, in one of her readings, let us know that the angels are asking us to hang in there for January,most of us will be in the waiting mode!!! and any darkness should be lifting around the first/second week in February and definitely byMarch. So some of us may be doing more clearing of issues between this and then, so take care of yourselves, be gentle with yourselves, take time to yourself, for walks and quiet meditative times to connect with your inner knowingness and to relax and breathe aswell as asking AA Michael to protect and clear you of any negative energies you may have picked up.

I have a new website as you may have seen.www.marykeenadonnellan.vpweb.ie  Most of what is on it is on my page but pass it around if you know of anyone who might be interested, who isn't on facebook. Thank you. A new departure for me, but surprisingly easy to set up, when I was connected with the "right" company.

Lastly I will pull a card asking the angels for a message for anyone who is reading this newsletter. I also did a four week January reading which I will re post on my page.

And the card is PERFECT TIMING. Ah yes, when the time is right, things will fall into place. Their message is "Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations. The doors are open, while you walk through them with us by your side. Don't delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome."  I am getting that this card is in connection with one path of your life, beit career/spiritual/relationships. You will know what it refers to. As we were told in Doreen's reading, it is a time for waiting too, but usually when we are waiting for doors to open on one path, we are moving on another path and doors are opening or opportunities are presenting themselves for movement or learning, on the other path. So it is a matter for each of us to ascertain which of our paths they are referring to in this card.

Good luck and lots of love and peace to you all for this month of January. Love and Light xx Mary