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Monthly Newsletter Nov 2011 - Our help from above.

Hi everyone, Welcome to our first newsletter. Its aim is to supply
> information on services, books, spiritual helpers, holistic
> treatments, and talks, seminars, groups, workshops - in other words,
> anything that will give us an extra bit of help to relax and be happy
> in our daily lives.
> We have so much help around us and sometimes we block it all out with
> our sadness, our fear, our loneliness, our endless looking for
> something to fulfill us aswell as the fact that we don't know how much
> help we do have. We have all done this in our time. We usually pray,
> and then we wait for something to happen. In my experience, we aren't
> too good at recognising that we have received the help or that there
> are signs around us to let us know that we are being watched over.
> Sometimes, what we are praying for may not be given to us immediately
> or it may not be good for us to receive it at this time, so we miss
> what IS sent to us and think that "The prayers are not working!".
> Let us look at some of the signs. Have you ever seen a small bird like
> a robin or a little yellow breasted bird on your windowsill or
> tweeting around outside of your door? I have learned that this is our
> loved ones who have passed over and/or our angels, letting us know
> that they are with us and know what is going on for us. It is their
> way of reminding us to talk to them and to ask them for help. They are
> powerful helpers. Many of us think that we are "down here" on our own,
> but far from it. We have so, so many Divine helpers. Most of us at one
> time or another would have said "I feel that Dad/Mam/Granny/Grandad is
> with me and helping me". That is so, so true. Don't ever think that
> you are imagining anything that you feel, you feel it, so it is real.
> Do we look at the clouds very often? I know that I don't but "up
> there" there are signs too. Have a look at the clouds over the next
> few days and see what shapes or signs that you see. Again, don't think
> that it is your imagination, it's not!!!
> White feathers? Do you see them in places where you think it is
> strange to see them? Or do they float down from the sky in front of
> you? These are definitely from our angels and loved ones. We all have
> a Guardian
> Angel about whom we learned at school but don't hear a lot about after
> learning the Guardian Angel prayer. We have seen many instances in the
> Bible where an Angel appeared to Mary or the shepherds and of course
> there were angels with Mary when she appeared in Knock. So they are
> around.
> There are messages in songs on the radio too!!! Do you hear the same
> song that means something to you several times over a few days? These
> may be old songs that meant or mean something to you or remind you of
> someone. You may need to drop the person a text or give them a call.
> Or they may just call you out of the blue! Sit quietly and feel what
> you feel you need or want to do yourself. Our angels' messages are
> always gentle and loving and not pushy or controlling. We have free
> will to make our own decisions but their message is to check that we
> are taking action from a place of love and respect for everyone
> involved, not from a place of anger, resentment, hate, selfishness
> etc.
> Rainbows are a sign from both our angels and loved ones in Spirit. It
> is said to be the bridge from earth to the afterlife. I have seen
> rainbows in the darkest of skies on the darkest of my own personal
> days. It is great to know that the help is there, but on a lot of
> these days for me, I knew they were there helping me to be the best
> person I could be, but they couldn't do it for me, I had to do it
> myself, I had to talk the talk, I had to speak my truth or admit to my
> mistakes. Our own loved ones had to do that while they were here too,
> none of us is perfect, but life is changing, we are realising that we
> aren't on our own, that we are all so special and here for a purpose.
> We didn't just land here out of the blue for some higgledy, piggledy
> picture to be painted. We all have a mission, whether it is to bring
> children into the world who will change the course of life in their
> generation, or to be an author of a best selling book that changes
> peoples' lives, or to be the "rock" of a family, the one to whom
> everyone looks for guidance, or to serve on local committees for the
> good of the community - whatever it is, there is a reason for it and
> there is a reason that we meet every single person that we meet in
> life. We may never know the reason but we are all connected to each
> other. We might meet a neighbour in the supermarket and while
> chatting, we pass on some information about some service that she may
> have been looking for. This didn't just happen out of the blue, it
> happened at the right time for the lady looking for the information
> and also it may be just the day after you had availed of the service
> yourself. If you had both met 2 days before, you couldn't have passed
> on the information!!! This is called Divine Timing. Pieces of the jig
> saw puzzle have to fall into place, before the meeting takes place. Be
> aware of this and you will see more and more of it taking place.
> I will finish today by pulling a card from one of my angel card decks
> for us all with a message from our angels for this month.
> Our message is from Archangel Ariel and she tells us not to hold back
> right now. The timing is perfect and we are ready to soar. She says
> "Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by
> the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you are ready to fly
> high. Welcome new opportunities and know that it is safe to follow
> your heart and dreams. Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit
> and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics. Remember that you inspire others
> with your story of turning challenges into victories".
> Ariel loves all living beings and gladly helps them all. She's a
> master manifestor and she is especially supportive of people who are
> healers, teachers and service workers. She is very partial to the
> environmental area, and she works closely with the nature angels to
> protect and heal animals - particularly the birds, animals and fish
> who live near or in the water. One way to work with Ariel is to
> participate in environmental work, including picking up trash near a
> lake, stream or ocean, donating time or money to an environmental
> cause; or switching to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
> Lastly, two links to amazon for two books related to my newsletter
> this month. Both by Irish authors, two lovely ladies. When Spirits
> Hold my Hand is by Margaret Brazil whom I have met and had a reading
> with, I am so priveleged. This is mostly about her connection with our
> loved ones who have passed over. Lorna Byrne's Angels in my Hair is
> the other book, which is mostly about our angels. She is priveleged to
> be able to actually see them, but we have to remember that even though
> we aren't able to physically see them, that we can speak to them like
> Lorna does and through their signs they will answer us. The first one
> is Margaret Brazil. I am not sure that it is coming up properly on my
> computer.
> <iframe src=""
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> marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>
> And this is Lorna Byrne.
> <iframe src=""
> style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0"
> marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>
> I have both of these books for anyone who is local or within reach of
> me!! I run a local book lending scheme to share all of my books and to
> purchase newly published books that may be of interest to the group.
> We also have a chat on everything spiritual aswell as therapists and
> healers in our area and life in general. In follow up newsletters I
> may highlight some of the therapists locally and ask them to
> write a piece about the therapy that they offer. I also have two pages
> on facebook if anyone is interested Angels' Love and Light and Readers
> of Books aswell as my Mary Keena Donnellan page.
> Love and Light to everyone,

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