Monday, 27 February 2012

3 card reading 27th Feb 2012

I just feel like pulling some cards on this day Feb 27th. I chose three different decks. From the Life Purpose deck I got SPIRITUAL TEACHER. You heal with your classes, sessions and seminars. Of course we are all spiritual healers of each other, as long as we work from a place of love, kindness and generosity. Some of us give classes, readings, put ourselves out there to serve, others do it quietly and in more giving ways, at times. We are all here to shine our light in our own way, we know deep down how we are meant to do it and we will be guided along our way by our angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit

The second card is from the Romance deck - HONEYMOON. of course we aren't all on our honeymoons, so this has to be of a more general meaning. the message at the bottom of the card is Enjoy the bliss of holiday time together. I love that word bliss. Holiday brings to mind sunshine. Of course we don't have to be on holiday or in the sunshine to be on honeymoon. Life can be a honeymoon, it depends on how we look at it or see it. Expecting miracles helps too. As I keep saying, we are here for a particular reason and God and the Universe wants us to be happy, they know we need to experience some pain along the way, so that we can learn what it is that doesn't bring us happiness and also to teach others from our experiences, but overall, God wants us to find happiness here on Earth.

The last card is from the Saints and Angels deck. It is St Nicholas of Myra. I have been pulling this card for myself for ages, more often than not. It is headed GENEROSITY. Of course it is telling us that by us being generous of our time and possessions we are walking the path we are here to walk. St Nicholas of course brings to mind Santa Claus!!! as indeed St Nicholas was. According to the card he put a bag of coins in a window of a house where the children were being neglected, so they could have a better life. Myra is a friends name who spells it like that too!!! It is also of course an anagram (if that is right) of Mary, so I am not sure what message I am supposed to be receiving from it, aswell as the generosity one. I was at a funeral of my friend's mother last week in a local church at home and hadn't known the name on the church but it is St Nicholas' so there may be some connection that is being made for me there. Time will tell.

That is it for today. Love and Light to you all. xx Mary

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