Tuesday, 2 October 2012


MESSAGES:  Your angels are sending you messages all day, every day. All you have to do is be aware that this is so. Keep your eyes and ears open. They send sentences in words of songs. It may feel like someone that you are thinking about is speaking to you through the song. If you feel that it is the case, then it is. Your angels want you to take comfort from happenings like this. They also send you numbers, rainbows, coins, feathers, books, youtube videos, facebook pages, names of people billboards, tv programmes and of course there are even more messages in the groups you attend and in your own meditations. I have had many messages but the funniest most ordinary but yet extraordinary one was that I kept seeing the word Alchemy on facebook. I hadn’t a clue what it meant but knew that I had a book by Paulo Coelho called The Alchemist and made a mental note to read it sometime. Then a man from another social network site, which I never use, contacted me to be a friend, many, many times. I was so fed up of the email coming, that I said yes. It turned out that he is an Alchemist!!! I never heard another word from him after that. I still didn’t pick up the book to read it. Finally one Sunday I decided to go to Salthill to be beside the seaside. When I got there it was packed with people, some event going on with lots of music and fun, so I continued out to Furbo. On my way I couldn’t help but see a big billboard with the word Alchemy on it. All I could do was laugh, and say “yes, yes, yes, I will read the book” and I did. It showed me the different ways that people walk their journeys. I could identify with one person in the book and I could recognise the other as being a friend of mine. I also now see that one person in the book was me living life “the old way” and the other person was me living life after “awakening”.  So it did help me and I needed to read it. So if you are not seeing or hearing their messages, your angels will eventually hit you in the face with them!!!  
I have seen rainbows on the darkest of my own personal days. They were very comforting but the one thing of course to learn is that your angels are there to help you with courage and strength and they let you know that it won’t be as bad as you think, but you have to go in there and speak your truth, it is your truth and what you know and feel to be right, no matter what anyone else says. You can courageously speak your truth calmly and assertively without losing your temper or getting angry as you speak, because you lose your power when you get angry in the company of others.  That is the old way of trying to solve problems, there is a new way, which your angels will help you with and lead you to people who can help you here on Earth too. FEAR of what people will think of you, fear of what will happen if you say this or that, fear of the big bad future that you see in your mind’s eye, fear of letting go of the old so that the new can come in. Fear holds us back, like anger does. You have got to find ways of ridding yourself of fear and start trusting your angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit to know and help you with what is best for you. You have chosen this journey, you are assured that you are able for any hurdle that you meet, you won’t be asked to do anything that you aren’t capable of doing, so the world is your oyster, you can be who you want to be, you can come out of hiding, take off the mask, say what you want to say, in love and compassion for others – you have so much help from Spirit, no matter who you pray to or talk to, they are all criss crossing over and back and guiding you on your journey.  They all want you to succeed, it is helping your loved ones in spirit as well as yourself and future generations, when you start to walk your path with courage and faith.  You have got to want to succeed too and focus on your desires, even if others think that you are off the wall, YOU know what is best for YOU.  Trust in yourself, know that you are special and here for a special reason, it is a really special time to be on Earth at the moment, we are doing what others couldn’t do, due to the times in which they lived.   Trust that there is a bigger picture and that you are part of it and part of the changing world. LET GO AND LET GOD

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