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Weekly reading from March 17th to March 23rd 2014

Weekly reading from March 17th to March 23rd.

I felt that we needed a gentle message this week so I chose Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance deck. 
I laughed when the first card showed itself!!!

NOTICE THE SIGNS – Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving are heaven-sent.  We drop feathers, coins and other signs upon your path to remind you that you’re loved and never alone.

 This relates to a question that I myself had asked my angels. “are you sending signs to people who have read my book, or to others in my life, who haven’t awakened yet?”  I would love some “wow” moments, for those around me, and this week it is totally for selfish reasons!!! – so that I am not the only one in my immediate circle, having spiritual experiences,   I also think that this is confirmation that others ARE now seeing signs and having synchronistic experiences, which is great.  Spirit did send me a message that it was the right time to publish this book, I kept it simple and short, for the newly awakening and it was a big step to “put it out there” in rural Ireland where many people aren’t on the internet or haven’t read any angel books at all. 

So what does this card mean to you?  Are you seeing signs? Are you maybe in a bit of a fearful time and this may be a reminder to watch out for the signs that are being sent to you?

BLESSING IN DISGUISE is the next card – “what appears to be a problem is actually part of your answered prayer.  You’ll understand the reasons behind your present situation as everything resolves. Trust in heaven’s protection and infinite wisdom to answer your prayer in the best way.” So my last line about the first card, may just be the reason for the first card!! The end of last week was an introvert time for many, deep clearing and a little testing, but it is ALL GOOD.  Blessings all the way!!!

WHAT DO YOU DESIRE? –“ You now have the opportunity to write the script according to your heart’s true desires.  Once you clearly decide upon your true desires and know that you’re ready and deserving of them, they’ll rush into your life as if by magic.”  This, once again is asking us to fine tune what we want to come into our lives.  Our desires may have changed over the years, so just go through what your desires actually are now! Maybe revamp your vision board.  Let go of what is in your life, that isn’t serving you and helping you to move forward to what you want to do, where you want to be.  Lots has changed over the past few months, so it may be easier now to let go of some of what is holding you back.  Also I am getting, move energy, clear clutter, clear mental chatter, clean your physical body.  Every little step brings you closer, nothing goes amiss.

Now this next card is very interesting. In three readings that I have seen on youtube this morning, at the end of the week, there is a new person or partnership.  I think in Doreen’s reading it was an empathic person, I put a crystal reading on my page, and it was Romance or love of yourself and in Lee Anne Peters reading her Twin Flame card came up, which she said may not necessarily be romance, but other people coming into our lives, for good reasons. 

  So here is my card NEW PARTNER – “A chance meeting is no mistake.  It is Divinely orchestrated as a catalyst to set the wheels in motion for the fruition of your prayers.  Pay careful attention to new people we send into your life.  You will recognize then by your sense of familiarity, comfort and safety.”  So all I can say is – watch this space!!!

Hope you all have a lovely week. I am going to put that last card up as a photo on my page, I love the picture – Pegasus.  My book is in paperback and ebook formats, both links are on the contacts page of my website and on my page.  I have some copies with me that I can post out or sell in person, ( €5 plus postage), for anyone who might like one for themselves or as a pressie for someone else.  It’s very light in weight so postage won’t be expensive.  Love and Light xx Mary

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