Sunday, 30 March 2014

Weekly reading March 31st to April 6th 2014

Weekly reading from March 31st to April 6th

This week I have a strong urge to focus on relationships, whether romantic or not.  We all have relationships with others, family, work, romance, friends, neighbours, so whatever is going on for you at the moment, you will know what the messages are for you. 

First card is about Love, as I say, love of everyone, as love makes the world go round.  The message is BALANCE – Love is not always about agreeing just for the sake of it.  A great relationship is one that both supports and challenges. 

This is about speaking your truth, and giving other people space to speak their own truth, calmly and with respect.  Either may have truth to speak, which the other doesn’t particularly want to hear, but being challenged is good for growth too. 

Next card asked you to beware of what you are projecting, for the qualities you admire in one another are qualities you both possess.  Equally so, the qualities you don’t like are also your own reflection.  This message is difficult to fathom out sometimes, but being aware that it can be so, helps to recognize and change your actions and reactions. 

More straight talking in the next card – Don’t make decisions based on guilt or what you think you should do, for it is only in being true to yourself that you can be true to others.  This is linking back to the first card. 

LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF – Examine what is causing you to feel this way.  Is there a need within you, for someone outside of yourself, to fulfil you?  Is there anger within you? Where is it coming from?  Is your inner child needing attention? Do you need  to lighten up a bit and have some fun?  Do some writing, it may help to pin point the cause and as you write, you heal. 

The next card asks you to honour the place in one another where you are one eternal soul, for there you will find true bliss.  This is about each of us being on this Earth with a soul’s purpose and on a soul level we love each other unconditionally.  Each of our souls know what we must do to help others grow and learn the lessons they came here to learn.  It’s  about remembering this,  as well as helping others, by being true to ourselves, being strong within ourselves, being independent, and letting go of attachment to the outcome. 

PLAYFULNESS tells us that laughter is the best therapy.  Have some fun together and remember, love is the greatest healer.  Bring some fun into your relationships, even after the straight talking, there can be a element of fun brought forward.  Other than that, do some fun stuff, with or without others, something that makes you laugh. 

ONLY TIME WILL TELL are the only words on the next card and of course time is a great healer.  It gives everyone time to grow, to evolve, to learn from their mistakes, to see things from a different perspective and patience for this to happen, is key!!

Now we have a lovely card next which you need to use your intuition on.  A MESSAGE FOR YOU – I’m thinking of you this very moment.  Your love fills me with light.  I love you.  I will leave it at that and make no comment.

And the last card is just wonderful, on this new moon night.  NEW BEGINNING – A new adventure awaits.  Embrace it and live your dreams passionately. 

Love and Light to you all and have a great week.  It may be a bit shaky for some, others will be happy to see that truth is surfacing strongly with this new moon.  Take care of yourselves, breathe, meditate and get out in nature.  Our evenings on this side of the world, have become brighter, due to the clocks going forward an hour.  It brings a whole different energy around us.  We are blessed. 

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