Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weekly reading

Hi everyone, I am using Diana Cooper’s Wisdom deck this week for our reading. Gentle and short messages!  This is for whatever week you trip across my post or blog, take what resonates with you and leave the rest for another day.  If it all makes sense to you, all the better, go with it and enjoy. 

First card out is GRATITUDE – I have read over and over again, that being grateful brings many more things and situations to be grateful for and that is absolutely correct.  I, like many others, was never grateful for the “small stuff” even when I knew in my heart and soul I had so much to be grateful for, but I didn’t feel it deep down in my heart.  Now, I do and I can honestly tell you that YES, it is bringing more happenings into my life that I am so grateful for.  Anyway, back to Diana’s card – When you express gratitude you open your heart and activate universal energies, so that whatever you give thanks for increases in your life.  Wisdom suggests you seek the positive in every person and situation and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  With such attention even the smallest seed of benefit or goodness will start to grow and this will reflect positively in your life.  By counting your blessings you will feel more benevolent and generous, which will attract further abundance towards you. Affirmation – I cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

PURPOSE – By choosing this card you are prompted to examine how your current goals serve you.  Check that the reasoning of your mind is attuned with the calling of your heart.  Allow your values to act as your compass and guide your direction.  Then become clear about whether your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with your life’s plan and take positive action to bring about congruence.  Act with awareness and wisdom as the choices you make can hinder as well as assist the fulfilment of your purpose.  Affirmation – I have a clear purpose.

AGENDA – Is your agenda open and honest and does it serve others as well as yourself?  Consider also your unconscious agenda for these underlying beliefs or needs may block or sabotage what you are consciously trying to achieve.  By drawing this card, Wisdom prompts you to examine what you care most deeply about.  It is time to be really honest with yourself.  In your dealings with others be patient and seek a deeper understanding of people’s motivations before making decisions.  Affirmation – I acknowledge my desires and motivations.

SUPPORT – Every plant has roots through which it receives nourishment and which anchor it into the earth.  Humans to need a network of colleagues, friends or family to nourish and support them.  Wisdom reminds you that no human is an island.  All are interconnected.  So develop and strengthen your support system today.  When it is firm you can withstand all the challenges of life.  Make sure you are rooted in integrity, honesty and self worth.  Strengthen your interconnectedness today and you will have a feeling of safety and belonging.  Affirmation – I am always safe and supported.

And I felt that we needed another one so we got ACTION – There are times to do and times to be.  Drawing this card indicates that the tide has turned and you need to take action.  Remember that your choices define who you become and are the foundation for your reputation.  So Wisdom guides you to create a noble vision and take decisions now with clarity, integrity and compassion.  Wise and inspired action is called for.  The consequences will affect your life and the lives of others.  Affirmation – I align my actions to my life purpose.

So lots of messages, support and steps given this week by Spirit.  Love and Light to you all, hope it resonates with you. 

In case you haven’t seen on my page, I have published my first book!!!!! It is about the signs that we see and hear in our everyday physical life that many do not realise they are receiving.  It is in paperback now and I hope to find my way through the e book publishing process and possibly onto Amazon too!!! So the link is below for anyone who is interested.  I will keep you posted on where I am taken from here!!! Xxx

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