Saturday, 12 April 2014

Weekly reading April 14th to 20th 2014

Four cards for this week from Mary Jac’s Pocketful of Angels deck.

FORGIVE TO MOVE FORWARD – Are you letting past hurt and injustices towards you impair your enjoyment of the present?  Your Angels are urging you to mentally forgive those who may have wronged you in the past and then resolve to dismiss them from your mind.  Doing so will take away their power to adversely affect your current thoughts and feelings, thus enabling you to move on and learn to trust and enjoy life, having the faith to view your future with optimism.  Trust in the future, let go of past blame, each person is unique – it won’t be the same.

CHASING RAINBOWS – It’s time for you to close the door now on that which has not been working for you and is preventing you from enjoying the life you deserve.  Why hold on to something that is clearly not beneficial to your life’s purpose, or is making you unhappy?  Resolve to let go now, and don’t worry about the changes this action will bring as it will open the way for something far better to enter your life, bringing you the happiness and peace of mind that you yearn for.  Your angels are with you to help you break free, they just want your happiness, and will bring it  - you’ll see.

LOOK PAST OUTWARD APPEARANCES – There is something in your life that you may not be seeing or understanding clearly at this time.  This could be a situation that is presenting itself to you, or a person to whom you are not giving your full and deserving attention.  The Angels want you to look beyond the surface for the light and good intentions that are held within all that surrounds you.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  Search for that beyond your sight, as where you’ve seen dimness, you’ll now find the light. 

MAKING A DIFFERENCE – What you say or do could make a difference in other people’s lives, as well as your own.   Please choose your words carefully, giving considered thought to what message you may convey to others through a simple word or statement – always be mindful of the sensitivity of others.  You are being counselled, also, to be absolutely sure that you are making the correct choices before making a final decision on anything important this week.  Give thought to what you’re doing, be mindful of what you say, the kindest words and gestures could make someone’s day. 

So once again this week, it is letting go of how we did things in the past, letting go at a deeper level of past hurts and grievances.   There are many levels to forgiveness, anger, gulit etc.  How did you deal with it in the past?  Did you take it out on others and use words that hurt?  You now know better.  It doesn’t work for either party.  Other people are on the same journey as you and learning in their own way, which may be different to yours, so easy does it, for everyone’s sake.  And it being April, the most intense month of the year, keep grounded, think before you act, energies are a bit spacy and wobbly.  Go easy on yourself.  If you don’t have to mingle with others, take some time to yourself.  Otherwise, remember the new way you have learned to deal with situations that crop up, gently does it, or step back until you feel ready to deal with it calmly.  Use all of your new learning and tools that you have acquired.  Love and Light and have a lovely week.  Easter is at the end of it, with family gatherings and holiday time, so for your own sake, step back from any drama.  

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