Monday, 5 May 2014

astrological and spiritual energies 2014

We have been hearing about Grand cardinal crosses, solar and lunar eclipses and intense energies.  I thought I had "escaped" them and I have been helping others throughout April and "holding my own".  Today I am afraid it has hit me in the gut!!! It isn't going to knock me because I have learned so much over the past five years, but it isn't nice! Some strong feelings being revisited by nothing in particular.  I feel that I wasn't holding onto them, but they are there and are being triggered by little things.  And it isn't past situations that are triggering them, that I am holding onto past feelings about certain situations, so I am not "getting" what is going on with me really.  I feel that possibly I am mirroring others' feelings, hopefully not picking up other's feelings, I have enough of my own!!! I would be grateful for any insight that anyone can bring to this for me.  Love and Light xx

My 55th birthday is on May 11th, and I have heard on a video reading that just before one's birthday is a huge clearing out time, getting rid of the old, so that the new can enter and one's birthday is the New Year, when one should make their new year's resolutions, not on January 1st as we usually do.  Makes sense this year for me.  As for the numbers around this year's birthday, they seem powerful!!!

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