Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekly reading for May 5th to May 11th 2014

Weekly reading for May 5th to May 11th 2014

This week I am using two decks, both flower decks.  First is Doreen Virtue’s Flower therapy and second is Rhonda Pallas Downey’s Voices of Flowers. 

EMOTIONAL HEALING is the message of the flower, Bleeding Heart.  It says that it is safe for you to let go of old emotional pain.  By doing so, you allow your heart to mend.  Over the past few weeks the past has been lurking its head again, at a deeper level and finally it is time to let it all go, once and for all.  It isn’t doing anyone any good by holding onto past emotions, so ask your angels and guides to work with you on this; to guide you to the people who are able to help you, to guide you to write it all down and burn it, sending it for transmutation and transformation.  Many are being worked with and guided in the dream state too.  Just know that you have plenty of help with this and that you are not alone, many others are feeling this too. 

MAGNIFY YOUR INTENTIONS is Baby’s Breath’s message.  It asks you to choose a specific goal to work toward.  Your energy is spread out among too many ideas.  Please bring your focus back to the key intention and let your angels help.  More verification that you have lots of help.  Is there too much going on in your life?  Is there something that you can put on the back burner and keep your focus on the most important dream/issue/goal for now? 

Now, as I read the next two cards they are giving much the same message but I am going to write down the message on each as it is in the book.  They are both about communication.  

PALMER’S PENSTEMON says that you are being asked to look carefully at the ways in which you express yourself.  Perhaps you are suppressed in some way that you communicate or you may speak from reactions of the mind or emotions.  It inspires you to experiment with new patterns of speech and communication in a heartfelt and honest way that voices your true feelings and thoughts.  By doing so, you will feel your heart open and soon discover that others may respond to you with a greater depth of sensitivity, valuing what you say and how you say it.  Perhaps you will also notice your capacity for being a better listener. 

COMFREY is saying that there may be a calling from somewhere deep inside of you that is reaching toward a spiritual vision, an inner wisdom that is aware that a personal sacrifice may be needed in order to serve the highest good of all concerned.  Comfrey teaches you to put things in perspective while staying connected to and in harmony with the whole.  Comfrey offers protection and compassion, building a bridge between internal and external conditions while providing nurturing and solitude, prayer and meditation.  Comfrey is giving you an opportunity to speak your truths from a place of spiritual knowing that comes from deep within,  and to express harmony and balance in times when you are called to serve.  It offers you the gift of compassion and greater understanding in rising above the mundane and seeing the greater good of your situation.  By so doing, you will be able to freely give of yourself and to offer your services when needed.  Service is a gift that comes from the heart, free of conditions, free of entanglements. 

That last card is about our spiritual journey here on earth.  It is reminding us that we are more than our physical bodies as other people in our lives are too.  This is where the looking past the mundane comes in.  We are here to help each other, learn from each other and teach each other, so being aware of this is helpful when in the company of people who “press our buttons” or try our patience.  Our work here on earth is to raise the planet’s vibrations, to a place of peace, love and joy, one by one, person by person, family by family and out into the greater world.  Hope you all have a lovely week.  Love and Light xx Mary

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