Friday, 6 June 2014

Daily e mail readings.

I am really enjoying working with a lovely lady, through daily e mail readings to her inbox in which she is receiving wonderful insight into how she can make changes to her life.  The messages are getting straight to the nitty gritty and down to earth details and coming up with simple steps that she can take to turn things around.  They are also drawing attention to her spiritual path and relationships.   After only two days!!!

I am so loving it and so is she!! The more interaction between us, the more information and enlightenment and little miracles she receives.

The daily readings are for 30 days and cost €40 ($50) which are just great value, as it is a personal mentoring month really.  I can also facilitate shorter time spans @ €2 ($2.50) a day.

To order just use paypal to or message me for an invoice and I will send you one.

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