Thursday, 19 June 2014

Monday when I was out and about.

On Monday, I stopped in Tuam on my way to Salthill. My usual car park was closed for some reason which wasn't apparent. So I ended up parking further down at the swimming pool and I walked back up to the town. On my way I crossed a small bridge over the river Nanny, which flows through Tuam. You learn something new every day!! There were two signs erected about the wildlife and animals around the river. This one is the Otter. So I thought, "here is a message for me and I will check it out when I go home." So below I will enter the message of the Otter from the Medicine Cards, book by Jamie Sams and David Carson. It is the Native American teaching on the meaning of the Otter. Very interesting. And Spirit sent it to me but as they well know, I love to share, so others will receive the message too.  

OTTER - So playful! Coquettes by the stream. The medicine of woman, The Realized Dream. Woman Medicine. The medicine held by Otter is a set of lessons in female energy. This applies to both men and women, as all of us have female sides. The Otter's hide is very often used to make medicine bag for powerful women because it represents balanced female energy.

Otter is very caring of its young and will play for hours, performing all types of acrobatics. It lives on land, but always has its home near water. The elements of Earth and Water are the female elements. At home in both of these elements, Otter is the personification of femininity; long, sleek, and graceful, Otter is the true coquette of the animal world. ``Otter is always on the move and is very curious. Unlike other animals, Otter will not start a fight unless it is attacked first. This joyful little creature is adventuresome and assumes that all other creatures are friendly - until proven otherwise. ``These character traits are the beauty of a balanced female side, the side of ourselves that creates a space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspicions. Otter teaches us that balanced female energy is not jealous or catty. It is sisterhood, content to enjoy and share the good fortune of others. Anchored in the understanding that ALL accomplishments are worthwhile for the whole tribe, Otter people express joy for others. ``..................................Woman energy without games or control is a beautiful experience. It is the freeness of love without jealousy. It is the joy of loving other people's children and their accomplishments as much as you love your own. ``It may be time to examine your feelings about sharing the bounty of your life with others. Otter may be saying that the finer qualities of woman need to be striven for in both men and women so that a unity of spirit can be achieved. This would involve the destruction of jealousy and of all the acts of anger which stem from that fear. it would mean keeping a Hawk-eye on your ego and maintaining total trust. It would mean a world full of people coming together to honor the right of each person to BE. If you have drawn this symbol, Otter may be telling you to become the playful child and to simply allow things to unfold in your life. It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying. Otter teaches the importance of not hanging onto material things that would bind you or become a burden. In looking at how you can learn from Otter's habits, you might look at the joyousness of the receptive side of your nature. have you given yourself a gift recently? Have you received any messages in your meditations? Become Otter and move gently into the river of life. Flow with the waters of the Universe.....this is the way of balanced female-receptive energy. Honor it! In doing so, you will discover the power of woman. ``There is a reverse message to this card too and it is short so i will post it. You may be running from one idea to another without focus. This could also imply that you have forgotten how to receive, and are blocking a gift from the Universe, with your male side. If this is the case, you may be embarrassed to receive compliments, to have someone hug you, or to allow your genuine personality to come out. Fear of being rejected is the reverse message of Otter. Drop the seriousness on all levels and play at life so that the fear rolls off your back. Realize that the only flow is the flow of love from the Great Spirit to you, from you to others, and from others back to you.

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