Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My shopping few hours

Yesterday, I strolled down town, small rural town in Ireland called Mountbellew, but we do have two ladies boutiques!  I intended to have a look at their stock as my son's wedding is in August 2014.  I didn't really think I would find anything to suit me, I was just browsing.

The ladies in both boutiques were very helpful and I would need alterations to most of the dresses that I fitted on, due to my small size, thankfully.

Well I fitted on about 7 dresses in all and I fell in love with one of them.  A most beautiful fitted deep pink, with a little jacket over it and lovely details on the shoulders with unusual back aswell.  I hadn't been shopping in ages, outside the odd top or underwear.  I felt and looked so good in the dress, I didn't want to take it off.  The beautiful head dress too, fitted like a glove.

Today I brought my daughter to see it and she was delighted with it too.

I always hated shopping but now, after yesterday, I am looking forward to finding more nice clothes that will flatter me and boost my confidence too.  I, for one, never saw the sense in having a lot of clothes, but at age 55, I am changing my mind!!! So even if it is only a small item of clothing, treat yourself, choose a nice colour that will suit you, and take a day off.

I have to do some research on make up now for very sensitive skin.  That should be fun.  Will be back tomorrow with more xxx

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