Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekly reading from June 23rd to June 29th 2014

I am using the Universal Love deck by Toni Carmine Salerno for this week’s reading and the first card out is a follow on from my reading of last week.  The theme of last week was get out in fresh air, have some fun and quiet time and refresh and rejuvenate.  

So REFLECTION is the first message – this is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished to date.  Remember what you were like five years ago.  Perhaps ten years ago.  Look back and you’ll realize just how far you’ve come.  Acknowledge the experiences that have helped you get where you are.  Hopefully you will see that even the painful and unpleasant experiences served a purpose.
Imagine all your experiences turning golden with time, like autumn leaves falling, blown by the wind, returning to the earth that nourished them in seasons passed.  Every experience has served a positive purpose in your life. 

That leads nicely onto the second card of GOLDEN PATH – Continue your current course even though you may be experiencing unforeseen difficulties or obstacles.  This card has shown up in your reading today to encourage you.  Have faith in your convictions and know they will lead to a golden path.  Don’t give up now!!

Yes during this mercury retrograde, things may have been slow, but that doesn’t mean we had to give up, we were advised to take some quiet time and enjoy the “slowness”. 

THE GATEWAY is the next card – A chapter in your life is coming to a close.  Surrender it graciously and with love.  Trust, for all is held eternally within our hearts.  As the natural cycles of life take their course, remember that spring always follows winter.  Time is a gateway.  Allow its precious beauty to pour into your heart.  If there is sadness at this time, remember, as a new chapter unfolds, love guides all things.

A message there to feel the love in your heart centre, let love rule, not thoughts in your mind, leading you to worry and fear. 

And lastly this seems to be where we are all heading.  SOULMATE – the main message on this is romantic love and soulmate relationships, but of course it can be about other soulmates, business partners, children, friends.  In my own angel work I have worked with many ladies and gentlemen who are on their path to unite with their spiritual soulmates, so this week there may be movement on that front, connecting in meditation, chapters closing, the old way ending, newness coming in.  it says that love is the universal energy that fills creation.  This energy is alive and intelligent.  Love has heard your call.  You will soon connect with your soulmate.  Focus your attention on love.  Spend some time each day imagining yourself together with your soulmate.  See the future filled with happiness and love.  If you are already with your soulmate, the message here is to always value and be grateful for your relationship.  Relationships, like everything else, need constant nurturing, care and attention.  Your relationship will continue to grow and strengthen provided it is nurtured. 

I would love any feedback from this reading if there is movement for any of you near the end of the week or any part of the week!!! Meanwhile, look after yourselves of course too, relax when you can and enjoy each day for what it brings.  Love and Light xx Mary

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