Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weekly reading from June 9th to June 15th 2014

Cards this week are from Sonia Choquette's Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose deck.

ALL THINGS IN MODERATION – Have you found yourself overindulging in some area of your life lately?  Are you eating chocolate, for example, like there is no tomorrow? Have you dropped the ball on your exercise regime and started hanging out on the couch more hours than is healthy?  Have you blown your budget so that now you’re sweating over how to pay the credit card bill next month?  Has life become all play and no work – or have you gone to the other extreme?  In all of these cases, you’ve lost your psychic equilibrium, and your soul is calling you back to center.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to follow disciplines that serve your growth, not stifle.  It’s important to exercise self-control, but not to be self-denying to the point that it robs all sweetness from your life … or to be so indulgent that your excesses sicken you.

Your soul’s lesson is to follow a spiritual discipline of moderation and avoid extremes of any sort.  Allow yourself  to enjoy the nice things in life, but don’t let them overrun your good sense.  Give yourself possibilities that follow a middle way, and remember, the option of all or nothing is the one choice that never works.

ENGAGE HIGHER REASON – Your soul’s purpose right now is to be detached and respond objectively to life.  Don’t waste time wondering how others feel about you.  Don’t buy into fear.

Your soul’s lesson is to step away from all emotional drama, avoid its addictive lure and see it for the waste it is.  Use your Higher Reason to sort fact from fiction.  Begin by looking at a situation from all sides, which will help organize your thoughts and tap in to your sixth sense.  For example, if you’re caught in an endless spiral of conflict with someone, fine-tune the argument by asking, “What do I want to happen, and what’s actually occurring instead?  What am I doing to prevent my desired outcome?  What’s the first step to take in order to move forward – and am I willing to take that step?”

Reason isn’t the opposite of intuition, rather, it clears the way to access your inner guidance.  Allow your logic to lead right now.

CLAIM YOUR ART – As your soul awakens, your creative spirit stirs.   Suddenly, the artist in you requires – even demands – expression.  Don’t shrink from the impulse.  Let your inner virtuoso speak freely without censure.  And don’t accept the lie that you aren’t an artist!! As Divine beings, we’re all natural creators, and our work is our life.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to view and interpret every aspect of your existence as a work of art.
 Your soul’s lesson is to give your soul a voice and reconnect with the messy, colourful, musical, sensual, experimental, fully engaged and artful side of life.

TUNE OUT DISTRACTIONS -  Your soul’s purpose right now is to recognize the voice of your Higher Self.  It connects you to your deepest wisdom and to that of the Universe.  It doesn’t flatter, interrupt, or coerce, nor does it make you feel special in any way.  It’s subtle and consistent, and tunes you in to direct communication with your soul.  Only this inner guidance can lead you to what is true for you, so all other voices must go.

Your soul’s lesson is to have discipline to block out the din of the external world so that you can listen to the still voice within.  It can be heard, but it won’t compete with the world for your attention.  You must choose to heed it, and refuse to allow your life to be run by others.  Be selective about what you take in from outside yourself, only then will you find the answers you’re seeking.

Strong messages for this week, but do have a great weekend and do the best you can with where and how you are at this moment . The overall message is connecting to Higher Self which our angels have been telling us for many weeks now.  Tuning out of the din and drama around us - it will pass.    Love and Light xx Mary
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