Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Yesterday besides my shopping trip

Early in the morning, I had a hair appointment, which cost €25 and I was happy with it, and feeling much lighter than before I had it cut.  On my way home I went to the post office and decided to buy a lotto scratch card and I was so delighted to have three €25 symbols, so won that amount, which was the price of my haircut refunded.  I was so grateful and happy.  A miracle as such.

Later, my friend Lucie, from Angels by Lucie (facebook), messaged me as it was her day off work.  I told her that I intended browsing the boutiques to check out dresses for my son's wedding in August 2014.   She intended to find some new walks for herself and her dog, Charlie.  That was that, we didn't make any further arrangements.

As I was in the dressing room in one of the boutiques, someone grabbed me around the waist, through the curtain!! Lucie had surprised me and driven out the 17 miles from her house to my town.  What a great surprise.

We had some lunch next door in the Malthouse Restaurant, visited a hairdresser friend of ours and went to my house for a while.  It was a most lovely sunny day and Charlie was longing to have a run, so off we went into the forest.  We had a most lovely walk there. There is a river flowing through the forest so when we crossed over the bridge, and saw two swans swimming gracefully along their way.   Lucie took some photos of the sheep and lambs in the fields too.   We topped the visit off with some tea and a walk around the shops, where Lucie bought a souvenir of her visit to Mountbellew.

What a lovely surprising day, none of it planned, except my hairdresser appointment.  So very grateful.

The message of the swan is Grace.  Swan medicine teaches us to be at one with all planes of consciousness, and to trust in Great Spirit's protection.  (from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson).

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