Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Meeting Facebook friends for the first time!! Exciting.

Yesterday on 7/7/14, I met Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, who wrote The Soulmate Experience:A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships.  I have been following them on Facebook since 2008 and have read their book and loved it.

So they contacted me to let me know that they would be visiting Ireland and would love to meet me, if I could find a way to link up with them.  They originally had planned to come to Galway city, just 30 miles from me, so we organised that and all was well.  

Later there was a change of flights, so plan was changed!!! They were now going to Killarney which is 3 hours from me!!  But as I wanted to meet them, I was going to find a way, so left it until nearer their visit date.  Of course my angels and guides were working with me.  A friend and I were talking about a medical problem that one of my family has and thought there was an advertisement in her newspaper that would help.  So I had a look, but there wasn't an advertisement helping with that, but there WAS an ad for a new bus service from Galway City to Killarney!! Ha Ha.  It had all been set up and pre arranged by the Universe.  Fantastic.  And even better, there was a special offer of a much cheaper fare, by booking online.  So I booked straight away and was all set to go!

Yesterday was the day.  I was so looking forward to it.  I had been in Killarney many years ago and it has expanded since I was there.  There seems to be more shops and it was very busy, as it usually is anyway.  Myself and Mali met on our own first and got on really well, we could have stayed chatting all day.  It was great to be actually in her company, after seeing her on youtube and following their facebook page for so many years.  Joe and Mali's daughter Lana, met us later and he is so lovely too.  He has Irish roots and is in Ireland for the first time, so it is exciting for him.  Lana is a lovely girl and I introduced her to my children through photos on my phone  :)

I do have another book to write and yesterday motivated me to take it up again, read what I have written and try to get to the end of it.  It also showed me that I need to be in what many readers have told me, in a cosmopolitan location.  It really gave me a buzz.  I do like my solitude and quiet times too, but to be on the outskirts of somewhere busy and buzzing is what I need for ME too.  So angels and guides, bring it on!  Thank you in advance.  

If any of you have read The Soulmate Experience book, Mali and Joe would be grateful for your reviews on amazon, especially amazon.co.uk  We need to spread the word about the "new" way of being in a relationship and this is a really good book to help with that.  

Today I am having my cousin Mary, from Canada, to visit, which will be lovely too.  So more excitement and good times.  Will be back with updates xxx

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