Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mid week reading from July 16th to July 20th 2014

Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves Flower Therapy deck popped into my vision for this mid week reading, so I am looking forward to seeing what our guides and angels would like us to hear through the flowers.

I have been guided to choose four cards.  The first flower is the Primrose whose message is about PEER PRESSURE - Don't let others coerce you into a decision, it says - you know in your heart what the right choice is.  Before I go to the book, I feel that this is a strong message to trust your own intuition, trust your gut feelings, don't doubt yourself.  Sometimes, when we are in the company of others who don't understand our path, we may second guess ourselves and start doubting what we have been guided towards.  So just keep this in mind and connect with your angels and guides this week and other like minded people, to keep your mind and heart focused.  Now what does the book say?  It can be helpful to ask others for their opinion; however, in this case, the angels are asking you to stand by your truth.  Others may be leading you down a false path, so trust your feelings and only go with a decision that feels comfortable to you.  There's no need to draw hasty conclusions, you have all the time in the world to make your choice.  Let yourself be guided to the perfect outcome that satisfies all your needs, and don't back down.  You could also need to do some more research into the path ahead.  You could check in with professional consultants and weigh what they tell you against your own intuition.

The Camelia is the second flower whose message is YOU ARE LOVABLE which asks you to love who you are, as you're created perfectly.  Everything about your true self is beautiful.  Leading on from the first card, if you are in a place of doubting, you may be seeing yourself as less than perfect, so take heed of your angels message on this Camelia card.  The book gives some different scenarios that may have happened in your past which led you to believe that you are less than perfect.  Perhaps you had relationship troubles in the past because you tried to be someone else.  You became a false image that you thought people would love.  The angels say the only person whom others can truly love is the real you.  Be your authentic self.  If you're already in a relationship, your level of trust and romance is going to accelerate.   Your soul-mate connection is being taken to the next level.  Enjoy this blissful experience as your capacity for love grows.  If you're seeking a romantic partner, camelia can ensure that you find your perfect match.  First you must recognize who your true self is.  Take a moment to consider what your core values and beliefs are.  Then write down a list of qualities that you'd like in a partner.  For added energy, write this on a photograph of a blossoming camelia.  You can then either safely burn the list or fold it around the crystals of your choice and place it under your pillow.  Either method releases the energy to the universe so the angels can deliver your perfect match.

Yellow Rose is the third card which is about BALANCE WORK, REST AND PLAY. It's message is that it's important for you to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities.  That is self explanatory, yet many of us forget what balance in all areas feels like!!! The book says that you have been working too much and forgetting to play.  Yes, it's wonderful to check off tasks on your to-do list, but it's equally important that you find joy along the way to achieving your goals.  You may not have any complaints about your job, school, or home life, but it's still nice to just get away on occasion.  There's something magically healing about a vacation.  This card asks you to look at your schedule and create greater balance.  Perhaps you've been thinking that relaxation is a waste of your precious time.  Quite the opposite.  When you're refreshed, you're better able to focus, and you complete your work more efficiently.  Take this as permission to make time just for you, with no hidden agenda.

Last card is the Azalea with WISE SOUL which is all about our souls carrying ancient wisdom (from past lives).  Please embrace it, as you have the knowledge to help those around you.  This reverts back to the first card of not doubting.  We are all here to spread light and to help others.  We are qualified to do so, each in our own way.  You are here on Earth with an important mission, the book says.  You have deep spiritual wisdom within you.  This knowledge has developed over many lifetimes, and it's essential that you acknowledge and use it.  Please share the messages you receive with others, as they hold the keys to success.  The angels are asking you to practice meditation on a regular basis - ideally, daily.  This allows you to access the wisdom your soul carries.  We each have a sacred "file" for our soul, known as the Akashic Records.  By meditating , you gain access to this information and better understand your path.  Majestic Archangel Raziel holds the key to unlocking these ancient memories, and you don't need fancy invocations to call upon him for guidance.  Only a pure heart is necessary.  If this information is new to you, then get ready for some excitement.  Your loving angels are about to take you on a journey of discovery.  You'll always be guided at a comfortable pace, without pressure.  Everything happens with perfect timing.

What a lovely reading this week.  I hope you like it and enjoy the rest of your week xx Mary

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