Thursday, 24 July 2014

Relationship Group Healing on July 31st 2014

RELATIONSHIP GROUP HEALING.  I am offering a group healing for 11 people on 31st July with a three card reading for each person.  Each participant will set their intention on the relationship that needs some help and healing – any relationship – not just romantic.   I would love to be able to do this healing on video but at the moment, I don’t have the facilities, so for now, I will write it on a note here on my page.  Each participant will receive the name of a FLOWER when they join and I will post their message under that name.  I could send a separate email to each person with their message, but since this is a group healing, I believe that everyone will receive added messages from others’ readings. I will attach a photo of my altar, candles, angels, crystals, that I use during this healing.  The charge for this healing is 11.11 in whatever currency you prefer!  It can be paid by paypal to or you can request an invoice which can be paid by credit card or bank account.  I am open to other forms of payment, if either of these really aren’t suitable for you – I don’t want to leave out anyone who feels the need for this healing.  I am looking forward to this event since the healing of last week went so well and surprised and helped many of us.  As was remarked after the last healing, I am just the channel, Spirit know what healing and messages that we need at this time.  I am honoured and grateful to have been taken on this path.  I have received so many messages myself down through the years, through others, through joining circles, through requesting card readings, that it is fantastic that I now am doing the same for others.  Love and Light xx

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