Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekly reading from July 21st to July 27th 2014

This week I am using Angel Eyes and Monkey Toes deck which is just one word on each card and reader uses intuition and angel guidance to bring forth the messages.  So if you would like to have a go at this yourself, before reading what comes through me, here are the words


So I am getting that this certainly is a time of great change for many people.  Some change is out of our hands but if you are not happy with something that is happening in your life, change it.  Change how you are doing things; change how you are seeing situations or your life; change your daily routine; change what’s not working for you;  change your mind-set; change how you interact with others.  Try some new activities or go to some new places.  Meet some new people.  Change means newness.  Out with the old and in with the new.    It may also mean declutter, get rid of physical clutter that is clogging the energy in your home.

The unplug card brings to mind, turning off television programmes that are bringing in negative energy or depleting your energy or even having noise around you all the time.  You may need to unplug from technology for a while, take a break from it and what you are reading and seeing there.  Even sometimes the positivity can be “too high” for you, and that is ok.  It just means that you have to take time out and recharge your batteries.  Do your own thing.  Relax and chill in your own way.  Without judging yourself and your ways, how do you like to recharge your batteries? What brings you to a place of peace?  What brings some fun into your life?  Don’t for a minute, think you are wasting time, by taking time out for yourself, your body needs it, your mind needs it, your energy needs it, have some fun. You will return full of life and renewed energy to take up where you left off.  It is worth it. 

This can be tied in with the family card too.  If you need to reconnect with family whom you haven’t seen for a long time, this may recharge your batteries, change your energy, change their energy.  We can expand that family to our soul family too, our friends, people we haven’t seen for a while or even friends whom we have never met!! (like happened for me a few weeks ago – check back on my blogs.)

The picture on the stars card has a telescope pointing towards the stars, so this may be something new for you to try or just go outside at night and look up at the magnificence of the night sky.  During the day, go outside, see the beauty that surrounds you.  Breathe in the fresh air, let your hair down, forget about what is going on in your own life and the world at large, for a while.  Reach for the stars, it is possible to have that dream that you have been dreaming about, that career that you have been working towards, the soulmate relationship, the trip of a lifetime.  Visualise it by all means, but enjoy the journey as you walk towards it, take regular breaks, balance your work, rest and play times.  Have a great week.  Love and Light x Mary

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