Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly reading from July 28th to August 3rd 2014

The one thing that is common to all of our lives, is relationships with others.  We have people with whom we interact each and every day, so I am focusing on that and using Toni Carmine Salerno’s deck for this week’s reading.  As we are all souls on a journey and here to teach and learn from each other, we all love each other at soul level, that is a given.  We love each other so much that we challenge each other  as well as love each other,  to help each of us to be the best we can be to move forward in life.  So here goes.  Use your intuition as to which relationship Spirit are pointing you towards.  I will write out the cards as they are – I will be guided as to whether I need to tie them all together or just to leave them to you to do that. 

1.       Close your eyes and tell yourself that you deserve to feel joyful.  You can allow joy into your life regardless of the circumstances you currently find yourself in.

2.       Surrender – At times we must surrender the old before something new can enter our lives.  Let go and all will work out.

3.       Live is a series of constantly shifting cycles.  When we resist change, we resist the natural flow of life and create unnecessary stress.  Go with the flow – you will be surprised where it leads.

4.       Honor and treasure your relationship, for it is truly sacred.

5.       Imagine all unwanted thoughts dissolving into light, creating room for new opportunities and possibilities for your life.

6.       Twin Flames – your passion ignites.

Ok, so life is changing and many of you are being faced with new decisions and situations.  Go with the flow, process the feelings as they arise, trust your intuition as to what is best for you in this relationship with your spouse, lover, boss, friend, parent, sibling.  Always see them as a soul full of light, treating them accordingly but at the same time, standing in your own personal power and speaking your truth with love.  And the twin flame card once again.  Our journey is firstly to find our own inner flame, get to a place of loving ourselves and being content with what we have created in our lives, following our passions and then your romantic relationship as well as all other relationships will bloom and prosper.  As an added extra here, check out my notes on facebook , and my website and blogs for the Healing Session of July 22nd, where there is a twin flame message too. 

I have a Group Distant Relationship circle taking place on Thursday 31st July to send healing, love and light to your relationship – you set the intention as to which one it is – and you receive a three card reading along with it – all for just 11.11 in the currency of your choice!! My email is for further details.  It is for a group of 11 and there are 6 places available to be filled.  Love and Light xx Mary

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