Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weekly reading from July 7th to 13th 2014

This week I am using the Universal Love deck by Toni Carmine Salerno and I have been guided to choose four cards.

PHYSICAL BODY is the first card telling us that it is time to love ourselves fully and that includes our physical body.  Your body is your vehicle on the Earth plane so pay attention to what it is saying.  Be loving and gentle towards it.  Nurture and respect it and above all, watch your thoughts.  The next time you have a negative or critical thought about yourself, stop and change that thought to love.  Praise and respect your body and watch the transformation.  Remember that it is our negative thought, beliefs and attitudes that cause the most harm.  Allow your positive thoughts to flourish.  As your beliefs and attitudes change, so too will your body. 

A nice reminder there and also be aware of what you feed your body  and that you get enough rest.  
DREAMS is the next card which draws our attention to what is happening in our dream state.  It says that powerful angelic forces are at work in your subconscious mind.  An issue that you have not been able to resolve is now being healed in your dream state.  The issue, which you may not consciously be aware of, may stem from a past life.  It impacts your life through negative feelings of self-doubt and fear.  Trust.  The angels are guiding your dreams.  This issue will be resolved as you sleep.  Invite the angels to continue their work.  There’s nothing you need to consciously do but trust and surrender.  You will emerge feeling lighter and brighter, with far more confidence. 
Interesting.  This is resonating with me at the moment.  It has just made my feelings of today, a little clearer.  Also of course, writing down your dreams is a good idea, because later when you read over them again, there may be added clarity or messages to be received from them.  In ordinary dreams,  there are websites where you can receive meanings of symbols, like car, road, baby, house, table etc – is one site.  There are of course, other dreams that no website or book will decipher for you – your own intuition is what will guide you. 

DIVINE GUIDANCE – a little reminder that we have so much help from our guides, angels, spirit, ascended masters, loved ones in spirit and whoever you ask for guidance.  This card also focuses on the guidance of your heart.  The message is simply to “follow your heart” the book says!!! We hear this so often.  Have courage and know your heart will guide you safely.  Listen, feel the trees sway in the wind.   Listen……your heart yearns to follow rainbows.  Love will show you the way. 
Your heart “just knows” what is right for you, no matter what others think.  It does take courage now and again to follow its guidance, but it leads to peace of mind, happiness, joy and love.  So go with it!!

Last card is for each of you to interpret in whatever way your intuition guides you.  

GOLDEN MEMORIES – and I will type straight from the book on this one.  Someone is thinking fondly of you at this moment, recalling a golden memory from times gone by.  Know that love and friendship live forever within our hearts.  Even when we pass from this world we leave behind a loving memory in the hearts of those dear to us. 

So it seems that we are going to have a week of spiritual connection, visions, dreams and listening to our hearts, possibly some heart chakra healing too.  Also remembering that we need our bodies in good shape to carry us through the rest of our lives following our life’s purpose,  and our attitudes full of positivity to be able to walk forward.  The last card will bring to mind a person for you, so trust your intuition on it and believe that it is so, because IT IS.  

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