Thursday, 7 August 2014


I am taking bookings now for my distant healing and messages session.  It is PHYSICAL BODY healing and it will be on August 21st.  It's not essential for you to be sitting down and relaxed at the time of the healing, but would be nice for you if you can organise it.  Some of you will be in bed, others at work, it doesn't matter.  Healing will get to you and to where it is needed.  There will also be a three card message, like for the last healing session, which is in the notes section of this page.  I will do as last time, send you all the name of a flower and its message in an email first and on the day of the healing pass on the overall message of the healing and separate three card messages to each person under their flower's name, for privacy.  The cost is only €15 per person.  Payable through paypal to or ask me for an invoice which you can pay be credit/debit/bank account.  Pm or email for that.  I will set a time nearer the date.    This is the link to the last distant healing session to give you a taste of what you will receive.  xx

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