Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Weekly reading from August 11th to 17th 2014

This week’s reading is very interesting.  I have chosen to use Mary Queen of Angels deck and her energy is definitely with us, as is our own feminine energy getting stronger and our female loved ones in Spirit are guiding us and working with us on this feminine healing too.  Mary Magdalene came up in two different video readings this week too, and she didn’t veer from her path, because she was judged as being something she wasn’t.  So men and women, it is time for our feminine sides to shine, nurturing ourselves and others.  Our feminine side is also about trusting our intuition and receiving.  The card says – in fact, in order for you to develop your spiritual gifts, including intuition, it’s essential to allow yourself to receive…… and that includes Divine messages.  That card was headed FEMININE.   Affirmation – I allow my feminine nature to shine brightly as a valuable part of my identity. 

We also received the SIGNS card and I already put up a post on my page about trusting my intuition and receiving signs from above.  I am amazed, even after all this time, how they get messages to us and how important it is to trust our intuition.  My loved ones are at present working with me on family history, confirming everything that I come up with, in signs that they send.  And I will tell you that they criss cross over and back between families.  If they need me to find an answer, anyone from any side of the family could verify information for me.  So watch out for the signs, for me this past week they are powerful and in my face, so to speak.  Affirmation – I watch for, notice and trust the signs that heaven continually sends. 

The next card is MOTHER.  So trust your intuition as to the message there.  We all have mothers, they did their very best, with what they knew and the resources that they had, at the time, for us.  Our grandmothers too.  Don’t underestimate the power that they have from Spirit, if they are there, and many of them didn’t have the best of lives while on earth, not to mention the great grandparents.  If they are alive, cherish them, speak to them, ask them for information and write it down.  You may need it someday.  Show them your feminine side, love them, nurture them and take care of them.  Affirmation – I open my heart to my mother’s humanness and her divinity. 

And the last card is PRAYER – Instead of worrying, I pray about this situation to bring about real solutions, is the affirmation on the card.  So pray and ask, and wait for the signs and be ready to receive.  We have an abundance of help. 

Picture above is my paternal granny and granddad.  

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