Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Weekly reading from August 18th to August 24th 2014

For this week’s reading I am using Sonia Choquette’s Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose deck.  I have chosen four cards and am typing them out as they are, because they are so indepth that I don’t want to skip any part of any card.  So trust your intuition with what you receive from them. 

RETREAT is the first card.  Are you feeling world weary and psychically fatigued?  No matter how long you rest night after night, are you still completely worn out?  In what part of your life do you repeatedly say “I’m so tired of this,” and mean it?  This psychic exhaustion is the direct result of overtaxing your body and brain and not connecting enough with your Higher Self as you struggle against the world of drama.  Your soul’s purpose right now is to step away from the dissonant drain of the unconscious world and retreat into silence and meditation in order to stay connected with your Higher Self.  Your soul’s lesson is to combat your ego’s desire to seduce you away from quietly linking to your Divinity, and instead try to keep you entrenched in the muck.  Detach yourself from the psychic pollution of the world and quietly retreat with your spirit.  Ask yourself how much time you’re willing to invest in this, and pay keen attention to your response.  It reveals the degree to which you’re committed to heal.  The more quiet time you spend, the more energy you’ll regain. 

ASK WITH SINCERITY – The Universe is available to assist you, but only if you have the state of mind and spirit to receive direction.  It will guide you, but it won’t agree with you – so before you ask for insight, you must be sincere in wanting answers.  Your soul’s purpose right now is to be receptive to what the Universe has to offer.  Are you prepared to listen to Higher Direction even if it means a change of plans – or do you simply want the Universe to agree with you and make the world do things your way?  If it is the latter, you are wasting your time.  Your soul’s lesson is to release all your preconceived beliefs and attitudes about how things must work out, and let the Universe show you a new way.  Trust that it has a better plan.  Your assignment on a soul level is to mentally, emotionally and even physically get out of the way so that Higher Wisdom can direct your guidance.  Clear your mind completely and wait for guidance.  It will come and it will surprise and reward you with its insight. 

CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES – Have you reacted poorly to a situation in the past and now regret your behaviour?  Have you said or done something that has now come back to haunt you?  Have you rendered a disservice to another, intentionally or otherwise, that’s keeping you from moving forward?  Are you visiting the same old argument for the hundredth time with no resolution?  Are you wondering, How can I remedy this?  The first thing you must do is set aside your pride and defences and acknowledge your mistakes.  But don’t make the punishment worse that the crime by languishing in remorse or paralyzing yourself with righteous self-defense.  Your soul’s purpose right now is to be open and fully accountable for your behaviour toward everyone by practicing the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Your soul’s lesson is to quickly admit your errors and seek to correct them to the best of your ability without causing further harm to others.  Ask your Higher Self for support with this process as you apologize, ask forgiveness, and make amends.  Take action to reverse any damage you’ve done, and mean what you say.  Then learn from your experience and let it go, because your karma will be complete. 

STRENGTHEN YOUR GIFTS – If your life is chaotic and overextended at the moment, it is time to examine what’s important to your spirit and forget the rest.  Focus especially on your talents and gifts, and identify what would best serve to develop and support them.  Don’t let the negativity of the world override or sabotage your commitment, and resist drama-filled conversations that have a demoralizing effect.  Such wasteful energy leads to the self-doubt that can cause you to abandon your inner fire, bringing more darkness into your life.  Your soul’s purpose right now is to direct your talents and gifts to enhance your light for yourself and the world.  Be diligent in blocking all doubt that could sabotage this purpose.  Your soul’s lesson is to believe in yourself.  Be faithful and consistent as you master your talents, and be patient with the demands they make on you.  With your Divine Helpers working alongside you, your efforts will be worthwhile in the long term.

A wonderful card to finish on as I know many of you are taking giant leaps of faith and others don’t feel or see the same sense of “knowingness” that you do.  Trust and believe, all is well xx

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