Saturday, 2 August 2014

Weekly reading from August 4th to 10th 2014.

Our first card is letting us know that not all doorways are meant to be opened, not all relationships are good for us, not all love is expressed, and not all desires are realized.  Right now the message is that it isn’t the right time for this situation to fall into place, it is a protection of sorts, that it isn’t happening as you thought it would.  It is best that someone isn’t contacting you or replying to your calls.  It is best that the door you are knocking on at the moment, isn’t opening.  Spirit knows the higher perspective and is protecting you.  So for now this path isn’t available to you, which doesn’t mean that it won’t ever be, it is just not the right time at the moment. 

There are new soul mates entering your life shortly, they have been with you in spirit and will soon come into your life physically.  These can be people here on earth at this time, who will arrive to help you along your path of romance, career, friendship, contacts, or they can be new babies arriving who have been with you in spirit and you have known each other in spirit before you incarnated.  So it will be different soul mates for everyone, as this is a general reading.  So look forward to it and they may need to arrive before or instead of the door in the first card.

And finally, time to look inward once again.  INTROSPECTION – angel guidance is to find a quiet space for contemplation and look within.  It is time to withdraw and review your life.  Taking time and space for yourself gives you an opportunity to recuperate from life’s challenges, to reflect on the way ahead, strengthen yourself and prepare for the next phase of your life.  You can become aware of your gifts, your inner reserve and your wisdom.  It is a time of healing.  Your angels will guide you towards these new people and to a door that is due to open.  Ask yourself about the door that you have been knocking on.  Do you still want it to open?  Are you prepared to do the work that it takes to walk nearer to it?  Take a little time to go within and feel your answers.   Quietness will bring new thoughts and ideas to you.  xx

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