Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weekly reading from September 22nd to 28th 2014

This week I am using the Lover’s Oracle deck by Toni Carmine Salerno.  I call this my relationship deck.  All of life and its happenings is based on relationships of every kind.  So everyone has a relationship or a situation involving a relationship with another person, so what relationship are you working through or healing at this time?  I will give you the script of each card and put them together at the end. 
Through each other you find the missing pieces.

Nurture the bonds of friendship within your relationship and your life will dramatically improve

Honour the place in one another where you are one eternal soul, for there you will find true bliss

Your relationship with one another is about to deepen.  Love conquers and transforms all things. 

Your soul mate is already with you in spirit.  Believe this and they will manifest physically.

So this is about seeing the other person as a spiritual being, just like you are a spiritual being.  Each of us has our own struggles, our own path to walk, so being friendly, kind, loving and compassionate will move us all forward more easily.  Each soulmate comes into our lives to help us evolve, help us move forward, help us fulfil our life’s mission, as we do for them too.  It can be difficult at times but it is easier and more helpful to all to be able to see others as souls, and at the same time, being of this physical realm, setting our boundaries, speaking our truth, speaking our love, with respect, without blame, without aggression, treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves.  When we work from our heart space, our relationship with ourselves deepens firstly and over time, with others.  We are all one, connected in spirit, so whatever soulmate you need to attract at any given time,  will manifest as you need them, be it romantic, business, friend, child or pet.  Connecting more deeply with your soul/spirit will help you and them to ascend to a higher level of love, peace and joy.  Have a lovely week.  Love and Light xx Mary

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