Monday, 29 September 2014

Weekly reading from September 29th to October 5th 2014

I am using Mary Jac’s Pocketful of Angels deck for this week’s reading – September 29th to October 5th 2014.
We get the message  - Exploring your Options first of all and it is about being torn between two choices.  Neither feels totally right at this time.  They ask that you fit on both options, see how they feel, see yourself in the new situation, feel how your body feels when you visualise it.  If neither fit at the moment, you may not have enough information or you may need to do some more research or explore other possibilities.  Ask your angels to show you alternatives. 

This leads onto the second card which is Peace and Quiet – taking some time out in quietness, meditation, out in nature to connect more fully with your angels and inner guidance.  There is a answer to your question, there is a choice which you will make, no need to feel urgent, take some time to see the full picture.  Treat yourself with compassion and gentleness, don’t be hard on yourself because you cannot come to a decision.  Give yourself permission to let it go for a day or a few hours. 

Our last card is Making a Difference and it is about what you say and do today making a difference to other people’s lives, as well as your own.  So this could be about maybe the frustration you feel about not being able to make the choice, being careful not to take it out on others, because the same energies could be affecting others too.  Many people have their own decisions to make at this time, many are at crossroads in life.  Card says – “please choose your words carefully, giving considered thought to what message you may convey to others through a simple word or statement – always be mindful of the sensitivity of others.  And again it talks about choices.  Do not finally decide until you are sure, but there is no rush, you have plenty of time. 

Hope you all have a lovely week.  Keep connecting with Spirit, your inner love and guidance.  Love and Light to you all  xx Mary

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