Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekly reading from October 20th to 26th.

This week we have a very down to earth reading.  

RELATIONSHIPS is the first card from Diana Cooper’s Wisdom deck.  You think, speak and act towards others as you do towards yourself.  Also, your external relationships reflect the one you have with yourself.  If you are experiencing conflict, look inside at your inner battles.  If others are intransigent explore your internal resistance.  And where you find harmony rejoice at the integrity you clearly radiate.  Wisdom reminds you that you are the company you keep.  Everyone in your life is teaching you something, so look upon all of your interactions as opportunities for insights and growth.  This is the path of personal mastery.  Affirmation – I honour and accept everyone. 

PERSPECTIVE – Your response to any situation depends on your perspective.  When in a rut your vision and choices are limited whereas an eagle’s view allows you to survey the bigger picture and reveals many options.  Wisdom suggests you consider your current point of view and ask whether the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life are congruent.  Raise your level of conscious awareness and re-examine everything at a higher level.  You will access fresh creativity and new opportunities.  Another way forward will reveal itself to you.  Affirmation – I look for a higher perspective. 

INTUITION – It has long been recognised that successful people trust their gut reactions and work with them.  This is not the time to react blindly towards a situation or person, but rather to attune with your wise centre and balance silent knowing with reason.  Intuition comes from the heart not the head and is the hidden ingredient that will transform a current challenge or situation to positive advantage.  Find stillness, and for a few moments put aside the straitjacket of reason.  Listen for a message that transforms your understanding.  Affirmation – I trust my intuition. 

To me, the most important line which ties all of the messages together is, intuition comes from the heart not the head.  Feel what your heart is telling you, be slow to react until you have done 

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