Sunday, 9 November 2014

Reading from November 10th to 16th 2014.

I have chosen many cards for this week’s reading and the overall message is that it is going to be a week of taking care of yourself and also others.  Archangel Michael is here for us all with his protection but asks that you are aware of your own actions, keeping yourself safe and out of situations and places that you don’t really need to be in.  He is just asking you to remember all that you have learned, past lessons, past happenings and to try not to have to repeat the lessons!!! Also for those who are in a very good place, he asks that you remember the time when you were meeting challenges and have compassion for those who may not be in the best of form and be ready to help them when they come to you. 

There are many changes occurring for all of us at this time, and you may need time to adjust to the new, which, even though it is what you have been working towards, can be a little scary or emotional when it actually happens.  So be gentle with yourself. 

Family is one of the cards which we receive this week and I see many family occasions, happy and sad, taking place.  Once again be gentle and compassionate with everyone as well as yourself as we all deal with life in different ways. 

I am then given what seems to be cards that are tools that you can use during the week to gain guidance, help and reassurance.  From the Life Purpose deck we get – School, Oracle cards, Music and Flowers.  So putting all of those together they are showing us that if we feel drawn by our curiosity to learn more about what is going on for us, or need help and more assistance, we have all the tools we need, to learn and gain knowledge.  There is the internet, books, people who are knowledgeable, oracle card readers, as well as many free cards on facebook and youtube every day and week and of course Music in whatever way you use it.  Singing and dancing will raise your vibrations, bring some happiness and laughter into your life and there will also be messages from the words of songs. 

The flower card is about bringing more colour into your life.  Bring some flowers inside or go out into nature and mix with the flowers and plants.  If you feel drawn to putting some gentle healing energy into your body, flower remedies work at a deep level and are very gentle and there are herbs to boost immune system and heal the body too.  We must remember that we have a physical body as well as being spiritual beings and we need to look after it.  

As a follow on from that, I chose a Flower Therapy card and received PATIENCE – Your prayers have been heard, and they are being answered.  That is so good to know and patience truly is a virtue.  The energies of the full moon are bringing big shifts so hang in there as movement is imminent.  You are surrounded by plenty of spiritual beings who are guiding you along.  Watch your night time dreams too for messages and guidance.  Write them down if you remember them.  If you don’t understand them, you will as time goes on.  We receive our guidance piece by piece like pieces of a jig saw.  Putting a jig saw together can be frustrating but also fun, so have fun and let your curiosity lead you too.  Love and Light.  Have a lovely week xx Mary

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