Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekly reading from December 1st to 7th 2014

I have chosen many cards from different decks and the overpowering message is to heal and work from your heart.  Bring all of your life’s circumstances to a higher level.  Angels are bestowing blessings on us all, and realise that this time of the year can be stressful, frustrating and worrying for some.  They say that what you have already put out into the universe with your acts of kindness and goodwill over your lifetime, will come right back to you, so please don’t worry.  You are protected and looked after.  Nurture and look after yourself first.  Turn off the mind, breathe deeply and feel the love they all have for you and give that love to yourself. 

In your relationships with anyone who comes into your presence this week, remember to see with your heart, not with your ego.  Speak from your heart in each interaction.  Act from your heart in your actions.  What are your real feelings about this situation or conversations that you are having, or that need to take place?    Take some time to connect with your place of highest vibration to get in touch with your feelings.  Take your focus off the other person, or what they may think if you speak your truth.   As long as you speak with respect, assertiveness and in a calm manner, you will be acting from a place of higher power. There needs to be balance in every relationship, romantic, friendship, work mates, aquaintances, family.  Love is not always about agreeing for peace sake.  A good relationship is one that both supports and challenges.  Many of you have learned through being challenged by others, in a harsher way than you would have liked, how to challenge others in a more calm, peaceful way.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, comes to mind.   Imagine everyone enveloped in healing light. 

So a time of love and respect for us all, of being aware of how we affect others by our actions and words.  About taking a deep breath before we speak, if we feel like reacting negatively.  You, your family, community and the world will be the better for it.  Have a great week.  Love and Light xx Mary

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