Monday, 22 December 2014

Weekly reading from December 22nd to 28th 2014

Our final reading of 2014.  What a year of growth, learning and teaching.  All for our highest good and that of our planet.    Happy  holidays to you all. 

I’ve chosen some cards again this week from the Angels Answers deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 


I will begin with the asking others for help message.  From the lady of the house who is preparing for the holidays, shopping, cleaning, looking ahead to what is needed, to any of you who are upset emotionally - please ask someone for help.  You have been shown people over the years in your locality or on the internet or in the next town to you, who can help you, who can be there to listen, if that is what you need.   There are professional listeners, healers and spiritual people, many of them working on a donation basis and none of them will turn anyone away.   Your gratitude and loving what they do, is enough for them.   Reaching out to someone else, will feel like breathing out, after holding your breath for so long!!! There are young people who would only be too glad to lift something heavy or bring in the coal or briquettes or other jobs that you are finding difficult at the moment. Whatever you need, there is always someone around you who will be able to help.   And mothers, gather the troops, many hands make light work!!!

Life is a series of cycles.  This is a recovery cycle for some and for others you have recently recovered from a tough cycle.  Whichever it is you have so much help around you as well as from Spirit.  So all you have to do is ask.  Success is assured even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.  The closer you can connect with spirit and trust your own intuition, your gut feeling on things, (turning off the chatter in your mind, telling you all that can go wrong), the easier it will be to walk more gently towards that light.  Some of you have had major success in the past few weeks on your own paths and give yourselves a pat on the back for all of your work in getting to this point.  Well done.  Never get discouraged by others’ success, you will reach that point in your own time, at your own pace, the main thing is DO NOT GIVE UP!! Take a break every now and again, but never give up on your dreams!!

Which brings us onto PERFECT TIMING.  Everyone is where they are meant to be at this time.  Everything is moving in Divine Order and Divine Timing.  Patience is key.  We aren’t privy to all of the big picture but rest assured that everything is as it should be from your soul’s perspective.  YES to those whose intuition is telling them to take action and YES to those who are not sure what to do or say – it will happen when it is meant to.  You may have more steps to take which will be shown to you at the perfect time too, when you and others are ready to take them. 
Knowing that our angels and guides have our backs, knowing that there are many reasons for everything that is happening, makes it easier to take a rest, catch your breath and when you are rested, your next  step will come to you.  You are “allowed” to receive some help and to have a break. 

I have also pulled two cards from the Dharma deck which is messages from Buddha and I will write the verses that I received for us here as they are on the card.  -

FORGETFULNESS – Meditate and enjoy the emptiness of your mind.  It will look for distraction.  When it wanders, call it back.  You will forget, and your mind will lead you away from yourself.  Remembrance will lead you home.  Your meditations will bring you joy and these joys will multiply when you are watchful. 

So possibly some meditation for some of you too, to connect with Spirit. 

TOTALITY – Anything you do, do it totally.  Things left undone leave the dust unsettled.  It is better to do nothing, than to do something half-heartedly.  It is better to act conscientiously than to barge around in the dark. 

That ties in nicely with the message above about not giving up, it will be worth it when you fulfil that dream.  Xx Love and Light Mary. 

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