Saturday, 3 January 2015

Weekly message from January 5th to 11th 2015

This week I am using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the House of Night deck and choosing three cards.

The first card is entitled GROVE and is such a beautiful message of healing, forgiveness and compassion.  It asks that you apologise to anyone whom you have harmed or fallen out with.  Make your friendships whole again.  Life is too short to be holding grudges.  Choose healing over anger and pain.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be best buddies and in each others’ pockets all of the time, but by taking a healing step, it will free both of you from carrying around in your energy, under the surface, this burden of negativity.  No one is perfect.  Be compassionate to yourself and others.  Everyone is on earth at this time for many different reasons -  the greatest being,  to bring the energy of love, peace, happiness and joy wherever they go.   We are all on the same journey, going to the same place, for the same reason and everyone needs help on the path.  Be there for others, and there are many others who are there for you too. 

The second card follows on beautifully from that.  It is called BELONGING and says “My Dear One, I know you have been searching your whole life for a sense of belonging, a feeling of home and acceptance.” 

This reflects the same message as part of the first card, that you belong here, you are home, this is your home for this incarnation, you are in the right place for the reasons you came to earth, at this moment.  It asks that you be at home within yourself.  Find peace, love and joy within yourself and then shine it out to those around you, helping uplift yourself, others and this lovely planet of ours.  Make this your desire from now on and ask your angels and guides to bring people of like mind into your circle so that you can learn what it is you need to learn and teach what you need to teach.  

Lastly THE WARRIOR’s message is one of protection.  He asks you not to worry, that no matter what is happening in your life right now, you are protected.  You have angels, guides, loved ones in Spirit, who are working with you, sending people to you, sending books to you, sending messages, signs and comfort to you.  Please don’t let fear overcome you.  You are indeed a great warrior on your own personal path.  You wouldn’t be here on Earth entrusted with the important work you agreed to carry out, if you weren’t equipped for it.  Let your passions guide you, let your curiosity lead you to ask questions, look for answers and you will find your way.  

What a lovely, reassuring reading for this first week of 2015.  Happy New Year to you all.  Have lots of fun as you go, too.  Do what you love to do and you will be where you are meant to be.  Love and Light xx Mary.

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