Saturday, 31 January 2015

Weekly reading from 2nd February to 8th February 2015

The reading is centred around family, marriage and additions to families.  Now of course this will play out differently for each of you.  There may be meetings of soulmates who will eventually get married.  They will be divinely orchestrated meetings arranged by the two souls prior to incarnating, for specific reasons. (This may spill over into next week, it being Valentine’s week!!).   Of course by two people getting married both families have an extra person joining their family and also there will be new children coming into the world as a result.
Some of you may be getting pregnant or already pregnant.  Your angels are reminding you that you are a lightworker and here to spread your light out from you into the world at large. These children are lightworkers too and will need caring and guidance from you their parents.  They are of course also incarnating to help you and the community at large.  I am being reminded of Mary and Joseph being the parents of Jesus.  Our own children are here to go out into the world too and be their true selves.  It’s a reminder that you are their guardians and teachers, (as well as they being your teachers), until they are ready to go out into the world and continue shining their light far and wide.  You know how to help them and equip them with life skills that will help them become the best shining lights that they can possibly be – because you are walking that path yourself!!
Your angels are telling you that it is safe to follow your path and to follow your intuition.  They are guiding you all the way.  You will be able to trust your intuitive messages when you are feeling calm and at peace.  If you are aggressive, angry or frustrated, you will not receive clear guidance.  Try to keep out of fear and doubt and remember what you have learned so far, remember the miracles you have had already and put past pain and hurts behind you.
You know where you are heading and they say keep charging ahead and don’t take no for an answer.  There may be some obstacles and challenges around you at the moment or coming up.   These can come in the form of people who don’t agree with the path you are taking or just delays with your plans.  Take this time to look once again at your desires and make sure that this is still the path you want to walk.  Every choice is correct, it’s not a trick question, it is just giving you the time to take an extra look at where you are and what direction you want to walk.

Love and Light, enjoy your week

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