Monday, 12 January 2015

Weekly reading from January 12th to 18th 2015.

This week’s reading is a one card reading which is thought provoking. It is from The Wood You Believe deck by Fr Jim Cogley. 

TIES THAT BIND – So many people live a life that lacks freedom, because of being unconsciously tied to someone else, be they alive or departed.  Where the bondage is ancestral it often causes the victim to replicate aspects of the life that they are identified with.  The ties that might enslave our spirits are many and varied.

*Could I be tied to a loved one that I have never let go of?

*Could I be tied to a past relationship that I still cling to?

*Could I be tied to an abuser who targeted me as their victim?

*Could I be tied to an ancestor or sibling I was expected to replace?

*Could I be tied to someone who has too much control over my life?

*Could I be tied to a parent who expected me to fill their needs?

*Could I be tied to a parent who burdened me with their unlived life?

Two birds tied together may have four wings but they still can’t fly.

Thought provoking questions there, and many of these ties can be at a sub conscious level, so asking Spirit to bring to light any of these ties that are holding you back, may be the first step to healing for you.  On a conscious level, this happens in many relationships.  It can manifest in many different ways, like worrying about people around you, trying to help them by trying to “save” them from the consequences of their actions.  It is a reminder that each person has their own path to walk and minding your own path first is essential.  More often than not when you try to help someone who hasn’t asked for your help or opinion, they don’t heed anything that you have advised.  You end up feeling more frustrated than they do!!

Healing of the past is essential for your own personal growth and to move forward to a place of freedom.  You are doing it for yourself, not to let the other person off the hook for hurting you in your past.  They are carrying their own burdens from the past, and will find their way to healing too and if they don’t it isn’t your business.  Your business is looking after your own healing, helping yourself to a place of freedom and light. 

It is very freeing to “let go” – and we see that message so often, “let go”.  Most of the time it is letting go of emotions and stepping back from people and situations that bring you to lower frequencies.  I just thought this morning, that there is still some purging and letting go happening in this first month of the New Year and that the Chinese New Year starts on February 19th and that energetically, THAT may be the first day of our new year.  That is why we are still being reminded of letting go of negatives, the past and cleaning up our bodies.  Many people are coughing, sneezing, have eye problems, so are letting go of substances in the body that aren’t serving them.  A reminder to drink clear, clean water to help with this spring clean!  As I say that too, many are being guided to de clutter from their houses and offices.  So on whatever level you are being nudged to let go, I hope you will have a great week of easy letting go.  Angels, guides and Spirit are around you waiting for your decision to let go and will help you make it as easy as possible.  Love and Light to you all xx Mary

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