Monday, 9 February 2015

Weekly reading from February 9th to 15th 2015

This week’s reading is a very simple one.  The first card out was Patience and it is connected to all that you have been asking for – your abundance in every area of your life.  You know what your desires are, what you have asked for -your angels ask that you bide your time a little longer.  They have got your back; they know how and when things will materialise.  It is one of the hardest lessons when one is feeling frustrated and in “waiting” mode, but they assure you that it is worth waiting for. 
They advise that you keep taking steps each day to do what is possible on any given day and at the same time to nurture yourself, your inner child.  Take care of you.  Pamper you and take some time in each day to do what you love to do.  It will help take your mind off what hasn’t arrived in your life yet, and help you see all that is in your life to be grateful for.  It is alright to take a break, some quiet time.  That is also part of your life purpose.   That is it.  They have nothing more to add to that.  It is not a week of big movement, just small steps and steady progress. 

Enjoy your week.  Happy Valentine’s Day too.  Feel the love, love yourself, know that you deserve love and do something nice for yourself.  Whatever or whoever else arrives is a bonus!!  Love and light.  xx

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