Friday, 24 July 2015

Channelled message from our Angels - July 2015

I have been a bit shy about publishing my channelled messages, but am receiving confirmation that I am on par with others, so gaining more confidence.  So here goes!!!

As part of this planet and your soul family, you are asked to play your part. Each of you on Earth at this time has a vital role to play, on every level.
Feel the love, BE the love, spread the love. It is much easier than fighting and finding fault. Give up the struggle.

Look around you. What do you see? Beauty? If not, make it beautiful. Add colour, find colour, find beauty and focus on it.
What do you hear? If it's not beautiful, satisfying to the ear and is causing you pain, turn it off, step away, go outside. You have the choice. Don't ever forget that you are in charge of choosing what you look at and listen to.
Step into your bubble of love and positivity. We understand that you have a physical life to live - the more beauty you have around you, the more beauty will come your way, the more beauty will emanate from you to those around you.
What makes you happy? Do more of it. Nurture your body, for YOU. Beautify yourself, for YOU. Every action you take, take it for your betterment and that of others. Respect yourself. You are Divine, you are beautiful, you are love, you are important. Remember this each day. xxx

Channelled by ME!!

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