Thursday, 27 August 2015

Channelled Angel message 18th August 2015

I channelled this message on my paternal grandmother's anniversary, in Salthill, the same day as I recorded my reading from Salthill video in three parts!! That video showed me that I myself was going to take off more of my mask and become more "out there" and confident on my spiritual path.  So that was right on!!! But as I become stronger and more awakened, so too do others, which was part of the video message too.  Planetary influences are helping also, so September promises to be an exciting month.  So here is today's message from Salthill !! :)

My Beloveds, you have indeed done well.  You have blessed the world with your presence and your work.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  Bells are ringing in celebration:  flags are raised and blowing in the breeze.  So much has been achieved.  Rest and rejuvenate; reward yourselves.  There is indeed more work to be done but for now it is time to receive, time to relax; time to enjoy a break, a rest, a holiday. 

Peace, love and joy to you all,

Your Angels.  

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