Thursday, 27 August 2015

Channelled message on August 26th 2015

You are a wonderful being of light.  Don’t ever forget that.  You came from Divine Energy, you are Divine Energy and you will return to Divine Energy. 

In this month of September there will be many awakening to the bigger picture of this life on Earth.  You who are awake for the past few years will be called to help.  You know what you know, you know who you know, you are equipped to help.  You, yourself will also be awakening to a higher level, going deeper into recognition and remembering.  There is nothing to fear.  Let it flow and remember to breathe if you are unsure. 

We angels and archangels are here to help and we will put you in contact with those with whom you need to connect.  Dreams are coming true, miracles are unfolding, enjoy the journey, everything is as it’s meant to be, in Divine Order and Divine Timing. 

Love and Light

Your Angels.  

Exciting times!! 


  1. Love the words and the message here. I am looking forward to exciting times ahead ♥

  2. Yes Fran, I loved the message too. All is unfolding as we speak!! <3