Monday, 28 September 2015

Channeled Message 15th September 2015

Dearly Beloveds,

We are here to assist you in your evolution.  We are all one.  We want you to hear and feel us more freely.  

Come to us.  Connect with us.  
Let us show you how to bring Heaven to Earth.  

You are resisting.  There is no need.  

It is magical where we are.  It is magical where you are.  

Shed your resistance.  

Pure love is the key.  

Make time in every day to amplify this love.  

It will clear your physical body with more ease.  It will raise your vibrations, bring more compassion.  All energy will flow more freely through your physical body and your energy points – your chakras.  

This is the easiest way, the more feeling way, the way to the New.  

We really look forward to connecting more deeply with you.  

Love, light, peace and harmony to you all. 

Your angels.  

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