Friday, 18 September 2015

Writing class 2011 - Love of my Life Message.

I wrote this on September 9th 2011 - just came across it now.

Everyone has a "love of my life". It is probably another person, a pet, working in the garden, being out in nature, reading books, partaking in or attending sports events etc. Feel the feelings you feel when you even think about these persons/things. That is the feeling that you want to feel every day, that is what you must strive for - and know that if you felt that feeling once, you can feel it again, it was real. Even if you are not with the person or partaking in the activity, you can feel the feeling and you will want more and more of it. Know that you can have it. You will be led to more and more of it, just by feeling it everyday and wanting more and more of it."

Mary Keena Donnellan.

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