Thursday, 8 October 2015

Channelled message October 8th 2015

This is a message I received this morning as an opening message to my newest twin flame video reading on YouTube.

It is time to tidy up loose ends.  What has been left undone by you?  The intense energies are alerting you to the answer.  You know what your next task is.  Take your messages from your body.  Balance is key at this time.

So what is your body telling you.  Do you need to write down your feelings and burn them?  Do you need to sit in an empty room and voice your feelings?  Do you need to rest and sleep or take a long soak in a sea salt bath?  Or go out into nature.

After receiving this opening message I chose some cards which you will see on that reading on YouTube.  It is a twin flame general reading.  I have been asked to do them for a few weeks for a facebook group, so will be posting them on YouTube.

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