Saturday, 5 December 2015

ARIES December 2015 Horoscope Reading.

ARIES - Your morning sets the tone for the whole day, so make it a good one.  Keep your thoughts positive upon waking, be excited about the newness of each day and the guidance is, if it feels right for you, to say affirmations in the morning.  "I look forward to what the day brings."  "I love new days."  "I really look forward to new experiences." When you are in positive mode and vibrating lightly, you will attract more of the same and make your day easier too.  Your angels also recommend playing or listening to music aswell as singing, chanting or humming as a way to raise your vibrations and bring your desires to you too.  Anything that brings you to a place of joy and peace is what you need to attract more joy and peace into your life.

That is the guidance for the month and what is to come from all of that is Great Waves of Prosperity and Abundance!  They are also saying that you have the Midas touch right now, that you are an Alchemist and that everything you touch turns to gold.  A good month for working on projects, for completing things that you have started and turning the month into a golden month.

Have a great month, and happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it and my YouTube link for this reading is

 Love and Light x Mary

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