Saturday, 5 December 2015

CANCER December 2015 horoscope reading.

CANCER - There are new opportunities coming your way, many new doors opening for you.  You are getting forward notice of these opportunities.  There is no need to rush on anything at the moment, just know that it is going to happen soon.  Your guidance is to remember that you are worthy, that you are strong and confident and you can walk through these doors easily.  Break free from any old patterns or thoughts that could hold you back.  The worst is behind you and the new dawn is here for you now.  Archangel Michael reminds you that you are safe and protected as you walk your journey through this life.  There are experiences that you came here to feel and learn from but you have so much help and protection that there is no need for fear of the new. He also reminds you that when in the past things were delayed, it was for your protection but it seems that things are going to start moving now!! Great.

Have a lovely month and for those of you who celebrate Christmas, enjoy your family time.  The YouTube link to this reading is   xx Mary

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